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Brazos Pets Alive

Social Media Strategy

Carolyn Slade

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Brazos Pets Alive

Social Media Strategy
Content Strategy
Social Analytics
Market Analysis
Logo options
Cover photo: happy pets, possibly a photo collage
Profile picture: logo, options included
Pet bandanas with the BPA Facebook page and the Twitter hashtag
Flyers to direct organizations to the BPA Facebook page with volunteer information and opportunities
A photo should be included with every Facebook post.
A photo makes posts more likely to be shared and in turn will give the page more exposure.
Measurements are taken to help indicate if your company is on the right track and to help determine your return on investments.
Recommended measurements should be checked bi-weekly and every six months.
Return on investment can be calculated at the end of a period or after a campaign. For instance, after a month long campaign measurements should be collect then compared or divide

Basic plan is free
Manage up to 5 social media profile.
Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Foursquare and more.
Social media analytics.
Basic plan is $39/month
Manage up to 10 profiles
Publishing features
Reporting tools
Brand mentoring
Free tool
Search any word or topic to see it’s top use, average time per mention, people’s sentiment, re-tweets and more.

Management Tools
Measure of Performance /ROI
• Interest- build up brand awareness and target audience
• Follower interaction- going past knowing and liking post by getting involved with Brazos Pets Alive either through social media or volunteering.
Schedule of performance evaluation with adjustment plan
Photographs on posts
Cover photo and profile picture
Suggested albums
Available for adoption
'Happy endings' album
Album for each BPA event
Social Media & other
marketing methods
Brazos Pets Alive has a very young persuasive voice that mostly grabs the attention of the younger crowd throughout the community. Their tone is so enthusiastic that it draws people in to want to learn more about the animals.
Voice & tone
• Throw back Thursday- post old pictures of some animals along with a present picture in the same frame and call it Throw Back Thursday.
• Weekly memes- use old pictures of former foster animals to come up with weekly memes of them after they get adopted just to throw additional humor on their Facebook timeline.
• Educational Monday- give a little information on a simple way to care better for your pet
Weekly Facebook features.
The Austin’s Pets Alive Twitter page has a list of 33 followers under the Austin’s Animal Welfare tab. Brazos Pets alive should be more familiar with followers under this listing.
Austin Dog Trainer
Austin Dirty Dog
Animal Trustees

Lists of entities to follow
Social media sites with clear instructions on how to care for new animals will be helpful for those adopting a pet.
Animal Trustees is an amazing Twitter account that gives details on how to prolong the life span of pets.
This website also explains the dos and don'ts of bringing a new pet home.
Suggested content strategy
Outline strategy
Going back to the idea of having a young voice with a fun tone to represent Brazos Pets Alive, it will be exciting to have a different user-engaging activity planned each month.
Top-Line Messages
1. Turn Brazos County and the surrounding areas into no-kill communities
2. Promote adoption and fostering of healthy animals
3. Establish base of partners committed to sharing time, finances, education
Audience Identification
• Post-college-age adults for adopting, fostering, volunteering
• College-age adults for volunteering and short-term fostering
• People of all ages who have hearts to help animals in need

Facebook: already there!
Twitter: online, but inactive

Another option:
Instagram – consider using for a photo library of adoptable pets
Two case studies that inspire
Austin Pets Alive
On May 11, one post earned 11,985 likes and 1,902 shares
Caption began “Success story: Socks is a precious one-year-old puppy who came to APA pregnant and alone…”
The family who fostered her kept her safe and helped her bring her babies into the word
This graphic is a powerful tool that tells a story

Pawsitively Texas
North Texas region
Frequent posts about animals in distress across the state
Both of these organizations do well at establishing
relationships with people, businesses, and other organizations who are involved in the no-kill shelter movement. Their social media platforms are full of information, inspiration
and calls to action.
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