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treatment of intersex babies/approach over time

Yuman Wang

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Intersex

Intersex Do We Know the Truth? What Is Intersex? intermediate features
prevents the individual from being identified as male or female Treatments restore potential functions
"normalize" patients
hormone therapy
counseling Rationales social rejection
necessary procedure
virtually anyone can be identified with a gender by having the correct genitals
possibly result in depression, suicide, homosexual orientation (why a bad thing?) Modern Treatments CASES OF SEX CHANGES Virginia Harmon
Born with Klinefelter Syndrome and raised as a boy
Developed breasts at age 14
Had female sex-assignment surgery at age 25
Texas law won't allow her to marry a man Angela Moreno (1972)
Appeared female when born and raised as a girl
Developed male parts at age 12 and was given surgery to "remove her ovaries"
Suffered from bulimia and depression Heidi Walcutt (1961)
Born with under developed ovaries and uterus
At 7 months old doctors removed 3 under developed testes
Later learned that she was genetically male, but identifies as lesbian. more focused on personal therapy instead of surgery
group therapy
only treated if patients decide to do so moral issues
self determination and autonomy violated by old methods
difference does not equal disease
help the patient understand intersex Intersex Society of North America The Intersex society of North America or ISNA was founded in 1993.
its main purpose is to end shame, secrecy, and unwanted genital surgery in the intersex society
Through its advocacy of intersex individuals and their personal choices the society has helped them reach accpetence as well as pride for their condition. Sources http://www.isna.org/compare
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