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The Myth Of The Minotaur (Mia S. 6C)

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gs students

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of The Myth Of The Minotaur (Mia S. 6C)

Princess Ariadne had helped Theseus by giving him only a ball of string and sword because she wanted to leave the island of Crete for a "trade".
Later the string was tied at the beginning the maze so he could find his way back , and the kids waited at the door of the maze until he comes back.
Theseus had set off to find the Minotaur.

By:Mia Swadinsky
The Myth Of The Minotaur
The great and powerful minotaur was to be like King Minos's "pet"
King Athens made King Minos a deal if they were NOT to attack for 9 years he would send 7 girls and 7 boys into the island of Crete to be eaten by the "beast" Minotaur.
Prince Theseus was a bystander of this horrible idea of sending children to the Minotaur, so he was going to be the one to end it
Using the sword Ariadne gave him he slayed Minotaur, and Ariadne was waiting for him at the entrance of the maze ready to leave with the kids and Theseus.
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