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Joe Louis

No description

Anxhela Nazarko

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Joe Louis

Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling
Amateur Career
As the depression hit the Barrow family, Joe started spending more time at the Brewster Street Recreational Center. Joe made his earliest debut in 1932 at age 17. In 1933, Louis won the Detroit-area Golden Gloves Novice Division championship against Joe Biskey. After loosing a championship in Chicago, Louis stepped up his game in 1934 and won the United Stated Amateur Champion National AAU tournament.
Early Years
Joe is the 7th of 8th children. Joe Louis lived in Alabama. At age 6 he suffered from speech impediment and spoke very little. Munroe, Joe's dad, went to a mental institution, and his mom remarried Pat Brookes. At age 12 Joe and his family moved to Detroit forming part of the post-WW1 Great Migration. To keep Joe off the streets, his mom would spare 50 cents a week for Joe to participate in violin lessons; but instead Joe saved up the money and joined the Brewster Recreational Center, where he began boxing.
Joseph Louis Barrow was born in Lafayette, Alabama on May 13, 1914. He is the son of Lillie Reese Barrow and Munroe Barrow. Joe was a professional boxer who started his career in Detroit, hence The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. He died from cardiac arrest on April 12, 1981.
Boxing Records
Anxhela Nazarko
Falon Jones
4th Hour

Joe Louis went to school at Ben Franklin Elementary School in the Lafayette district. He then moved to Detroit and attended Bronson Vocational School. His mom supported him throughout his schooling and boxing career.
People Joe Louis Fought
Billy Conn
Buddy Baer
Tony Musto
Abe Simon
Gust Dorazio
Red Burman
Al Mckoy
Arturo Godoy
Johnny Paycheck
Bob Pastor
Tony Galento
Jack Roper
John Henry Louis
Max Schmelling
Harry Thomas
Nathan Brown
Don "Red" Barry
Lee Ramage
Hands Birkie
Pasty Peronni
Lee Remege
Charlie Massera
Stanley Poreda
Jack O'Dowd

Art Sykes
Adolph Waiter
Al Delaney
Buck Everett
Jack Kranz
Larry Udell
Willie Davies
Jack Kracken

People Joe Louis Fought 2
Jimmy Mann
Tommy Far
James Braddock
Nattie Brown
Bob Pastor
Steve Ketchel
Eddie Simms
George Brescia
Al Ettore
Jack Sharkey
Charlie Retzlaff
Paulino Uzcuduen
King Livingsky
Primo Karinera
Biff Bennett
Roy Laser
Rocky Masrieno
Ceaser Brian
Lee Sevoyd
Amelio Agromonet
Andy Walker
Freddy Bashore
Ezare Charles
Johnny Shakur
Jersey Joe Wellack
Tammy Marielo

How He Died
Joe Louis died from cardiac arrest on April 12, 1981. He was buried at the Arlington National Cemetery. He died at 66 years old.
Personal Information
Joe Louis was 6 ft 2 inches.

He weighed 207 lbs.

Nationality: American

Religion: Orthodox

Total Fights: 70

Wins: 66

Wins by KO: 52

Loses: 3


No contests: 1

Personal Life

Joe Louis married Marva Trotter. He had two children, Jacqueline and Joseph Louis Barrow Jr. Him and his wife divorced in March 1935, and married a year later, but divorced again in February 1949. His wife, Marva, got promoted to a modeling career on Christmas 1955. Louis's final marriage was to Martha Jefferson and lasted until his death
Quotes About Joe Louis

-"He hit me 18 times, while I was in the act of falling"
-Max Baer

-"I define fear as standing across the ring from Joe Louis and knowing he wants to go home early"
-Max Baer

-"He was credit to his race-the human race..."
-Jimmy Cannon

-"Everytime I hear the name, Joe Louis, my nose starts to bleed"
-Tommy Far
Quotes Joe Louis Said
"I don't like money actually, but it quiets my nerves."

"Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die."

"Yeah I'm scared. Scared I might kill somebody.
Joe Louis
World War 2
Joe Louis fought in the US Army for a charity on January 9, 1942. The charity funded over 47,000 dollars. He also fought for another charity on March 27, 1942. That charity funded 36,146 dollars.
Joe Louis spent most of his time training for big matches. He trained by carrying heavy boxes at work or helping his mom with groceries. A few years later Joe moved to Chicago to start training with actual weights and at an actual gym.
Interest in Boxing
Joe's interest in boxing started from a young age. He would always stay up all night to watch boxing matches. He enjoyed the suspense of seeing who would win at the end, and ever since he was a little boy, his dream was to be a professional boxer and it finally came true.
Joe Louis has only had 2 trainers throughout his boxing career, John Ray and Blackburn. His managers were Julian Black and John Roxborugh
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