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Ovid metamorphoses Book 2.833 - 3.252

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Esther Suresh

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Ovid metamorphoses Book 2.833 - 3.252

Ovid Met Books
2.833 - 3.252 What Happens? Jupiter’s abduction of Europa
Cadmus searches for his sister Europa
Cadmus kills the Dragon/ serpent
Cadmus sows the Dragon’s teeth
Cadmus founds Thebes
Actaeon (Cadmus' grandson) returns from the hunt
Actaeon sees Diana naked and is turned into a stag (deer)
Actaeon is pursued by his hounds
Actaeon is killed by the dogs How do the characters change?
[metamorphosis] The serpent's teeth, turns into men:
"sow the dragon’s teeth, destined to generate a people." Main theme of Revenge This book begins auspiciously, with the founding of Thebes. However, divine revenge soon takes center stage.
The Gods punish nearly every major character for a crime, regardless of whether the crime was committed wittingly or unwittingly. Diana punishes Actaeon for accidentally stumbling upon her when she is naked. Changes from theme to theme/ book to book:
Book 2 ends with petty rape and Book 3 starts with war with serpent!
elegiac to epic
humor to serious
coward to bravery Jupiter -
"The father and ruler of the gods, who is armed with the three-forked lightning in his right hand, whose nod shakes the world, setting aside his royal sceptre, took on the shape of a bull, lowed among the other cattle"
Themes: deception/ involvement of the Gods/ Humor Actaeon is transformed into a deer, because he accidentally stumbles upon Diana bathing in her sacred grove:
"she gave the horns of a mature stag to the head she had sprinkled, lengthening his neck, making his ear-tips pointed, changing feet for hands, long legs for arms, and covering his body with a dappled hide. And then she added fear."
Themes: Revenge/ superiority of the Divine Beings. Character profiles Jupiter - The king of the Gods. A violent and sexual god, he floods the earth and frequently rapes young maidens.
Cadmus - The son of Agenor, the husband of Harmonia, and the founder of Thebes. He slays a serpent to establish Thebes
Actaeon - he grandson of Cadmus and the son of Autonoe. Diana turns Actaeon into a deer as a punishment for seeing her naked.
Diana - Goddess of chastity From Jupiter ridiculously turning from God to cow - epic to elegiac The End Each act of revenge is accompanied by an ironic twist at the expense of the victim. Actaeon, a hunter, becomes the hunted. The reversal is completed when Actaeon’s own dogs tear him apart. By focusing on the theme of revenge, Ovid invites comparisons with Virgil’s Aeneid, which portrays Aeneas’s quest to establish a city, and Juno’s resulting wrath.
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