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Ship Identification System

No description

Menuka Ishan

on 7 August 2015

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Transcript of Ship Identification System

Janaka Rathnayaka
Kasun Abaywardana

What is SIS
Geostationary Camera
Vessel identification System
Graphical Map

Main Functionalities
Ship identification
Automatic meta-data storage
Operator functions to add data
Plot geographical map of vessels
Generate reports on ship arrivals, locations
Group Members
R. K.J. P. Rathnayaka
H. M. A. U. Bandara
G. S. V. M. Ishan
G. K. L. Abayawardana
B. M. A. P. Wimalarathna
H. M. T. B. Wijesuriya
A. S. F. Rumana
Objectives of the project
Project Supervisor
Project Adviser
Mr. G.K.A. Dias
Dr. K.D. Sandaruwan
Gather and Generate required data
Train a classifier
System outline
Use live or stored, video stream to detect vessels
Designed for fixed locations
Standalone system
Detected problems
Mistakes of ship identification on arrival
Locating info of past ship arrivals
Storage wasted (complete videos)
Time wasted in browsing all videos
Human errors in manual operation
Target Audience
Operators of harbours with multiple daily arrivals
Current Client - Sri lanka Ports Authority
Similar Systems
Projects uses classifier training concept
Car detection System
Front face detection
Human detection
Frontal eyes detection
Pen detector
Technologies Used
Programming Language
Qt creator
Opencv 2.4.9
Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS)
Detect vessels using live/stored video stream

Plot approximate positions of vessel on graphical map

Generate report about vessels
Current limitations of system
Camera should be stationary
Currently; run on Ubuntu environment
Need OpenCV library
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