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"Games at twilight"- Rithwik, Omi, Oscar, Ethan R.

No description

Ethan R

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of "Games at twilight"- Rithwik, Omi, Oscar, Ethan R.

Establishing Setting
Starts in space, zooms into India, zooms into house to show mom arguing with the kids. Reverse shot with bright lighting and upbeat music.
Scene 1
On a scorching hot day in India, a house with five kids and one mom has to survive the day. The mom is fine but the kids want to go outside and play...
Scene 4
Ravi is now in the shed hiding from Raghu. Raghu comes to the shed, but doesn't look inside. Raghu walks away from the shed and Ravi starts to take in his surroundings.
Scene 2
The mother lets her children play outside, and the kids choose to play hide and seek. In the process of choosing who is it a big fight break out
By : Anita Desai
Prezi/Storyboard Made By:
Ethan R.,
Omi ,

Scene 5
Scene 3
Shot 1
Inside the house the kids a begging their mom to play outside. This will be shown through a reverse shot showing the kids faces and the back of the mom's head.
Shot 1
Shot 2
Shot 3
Shot 4
Shot 1
Shot 2
Shot 1
Shot 2
Shot 1
Shot 2
Shot 3
Shot 4
In the process of picking who is it, a fight breaks out and Mira has to be the responsible one and break the fight up. This will be shown with a medium shot.
During the heated fight, Ravi''s shirt sleeves get ripped, but nobody realizes that happened. This will be shown by having a high angle shot on Ravi crying, and then a low angle showing Ravi''s siblings fighting.

Raghu is chosen to be it and is counting while all the other kids are running away to hide. This will also be shown with a medium shot.
Manu doesn't know where to hide and is immediately seen by Raghu when he is done counting. Raghu chases Manu to the side of the house and tackles Manu. When Manu and Raghu first see each other it will be shown with a reverse shot showing Manu's face first and then Raghu's face. Once they start to run it will be shown with a track shot.
Manu is now caught, but what about the other players? This scene is about how Ravi is going in this hide and seek game.
Ravi is sitting on an upturned pot and Raghu starts whistling to intimidate his opponents. Then Ravi starts to pick his nose. Ravi will be shown in a long shot to start and when he Ravi starts to pick his nose the camera will zoom into a close up into Ravi''s face.
Ravi runs off of his upturned pot and looks for another hiding spot. Ravi tries to get into the garage but can't so he goes into the shed to hide. This will be shown with a track shot, following wherever Ravi goes.
Ravi starts to look around the shed and faintly sees a whole lot of old and broken stuff.
Ravi looks up at the shed ceiling and sees the small light cracks. He really wants to win. This will also be shown with a point of view shot.
Ravi has been hiding in the shed for hours! Has the game really been going on for that long? Then Ravi realizes that he has to touch the den if he wants to win.
Ravi decides he has hidden long enough and chooses to run out. This will be shown with a long shot.
When Ravi looks up he sees that his whole family, even his mother, has forgotten him. Then after seeing that Ravi was the one who came out of the shed, the other kids go back to playing their funeral game.
Ravi chooses not to play the funeral game which represents the death of his childhood. He goes down and presses his face into the ground not even crying. This will be shown with a close up shot on Ravi''s face.
Ravi gets up from the ground and starts to walk back into the house without looking back. This will be shown with a low angle shot to show the power Ravi has gained.
Ravi is unnoticed by his siblings and feels insignificant.
Ravi doesn't want to grow up and is bothered and hurt...
This shot shows that Ravi is a "baby" when he is scared and picks his nose.
Ravi gets up and walks away and proves that he is more independent and not as much of a follower anymore
Character Development:
We used a low angle shot
showing that Ravi grows up. He was first a small kid and we used a high angle shot.
Pictures Cited:
Shed Picture:
"Green Shed." House Plans and More. Design America, 2014. Web. 20 Oct. 2014. <http://houseplansandmore.com/homeplans/>.
House Picture:
"House Plane With Wrap-Aroud Porch." House Plans and More. Design America, 2014. Web. 20 Oct. 2014. <http://houseplansandmore.com/homeplans/ house_plan_feature_wrap_around_porch.aspx>.

Everyone grows up, and it can hurt.
Conflict: Person vs. Self
Ravi wans to be victorious and win and waits for a long time in the shed for glory that never comes...

Ravi figures out that he could have won hours ago and chooses to end the game now. However, it doesn't go as planned
We are using this
song showing that
he is more independent.
= High Key/ Soft
In shed
= Low Key/Hard
= Hard Lighting
Very Last Shot

Soft lighting

The movie will start with light and bright colors, beacuse the day is young and the kids decide to play and have fun. Then, once Ravi is in the shed, there will prodominanty be darker colors because the sun is setting and it is the end of Ravi's childhood
This makes me feel...
The man
: Aloe Blacc
Jaws Theme Song
Little Lion Man
: Mumford and Sons
Moving On:
This would be when Ravi is sitting on the pot becuase Raghu is intimidating him with his whistle. This song mkaes the scene more suspensefull.
This would be in the end when Ravi get up and walks away because he is showing that he is independent and "The Man"
This would be around the end or in the "credits". It is about growing up and supports the theme.
This would be when Ravi realizes that he is no longer a kid and is really sad. It adds to the sad mood and makes it really dramatic
Character: This shot shows that Ravi, just like all of his other siblings, is childish and needsto play.
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