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No description

Brittany Haga

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of BOOM POW

The Effect of Military oN International Relations Budget Influence Question
What is the correlation between U.S. military spending and use of military force? Qualitative
thought process behind changes in budget and decision to use military force
interviews, memoirs and autobiographies Quantitative
changes in annual military spending in US budget (by administration)
number of military engagements (during administration) following budget change
Conclusion: Findings could establish a positive connection between an administration’s willingness to use military force and preemptive increases in military spending Economic Influence Quantitative:
ratio of country’s GDP to type of war
amount of money lost due to IR (sanctions, boycotts, etc.) to the type of war Qualitative
mind set of economic and military advisors during country’s war time
How did international economic policy affect the decisions of the leaders? Anna gooding
brittany haga
darrell rivers
joe robert
margot witter
Budgenomics 2 levels of analysis
first includes Second level of analysis PERSONAL Female Child Soldiers question
Are Gender-neutral Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration programs, as directed and administered by the United Nations and state governments, effective female child soldiers. Quantitative
looked at job and education rates qualitative
familial relationships
participation in non-violent activities
healthy sexual relationships and practices Question
How does the economic status of a country affect the way it uses its’ military (either domestically or abroad)? Group Conclusions Theoretical Significance
feminism political implications
Affect domestic policy
Military can be diplomatic tool of the state
Changes in ddr programs Provides material for a realist frame of reference
Use historical examples to change current decision making
New relationship between economics and military

State is the most powerful unit in IR
Military is an extension of the state's power
Military is a tool of the state in diplomacy as well as conflict Explores how we think, do not think, or avoid thinking about gender in IR
DDR programs are gender-neutral
Special needs of girls are ignored
The importance of the military in International Relations goes beyond direct conflict. Conclusion
poorer countries are more likely to use their militaries domestically than abroad.
because leaders are afraid of the international repercussions that could come from their actions. Quantitative
what types and length of training increases success rates in combat?
predeployment training
personal security
What types of predeployment training make soldiers most comfortable in combat?
Types and length of training
success rates
Military Training and Success Rates conclusions:
Special forces training is most effective
could take key elements from that and use on regular forces
but classified training makes conclusions difficult Role of the Military Attache Question
What is the role of the military attaché in international relations? Quantitative
As a nation becomes economically and/or militarily interdependent, the nation’s military attaché will adopt greater non-intelligence roles. qualitative
The role of the military attaché changes over time by adopting greater non-intelligence roles and become more oriented towards open military diplomacy. conclusion: The military attaché plays an important role in IR; has evolved into a complex military diplomat. conclusion: A girl's special role within a conflict qualifies her for gender-specific DDR. With current programming, her reintegration is a failure.
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