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Inside jokes with Darragh

Mairi Clayton

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Funnies

inside jokes with Darragh Checking the Charge Subgum Chowgoo Darragh's new name is Mulciber. Mulciber has a twin called Mercible because that's what Darr always thinks her name is. She has an Uncle Mome Rath and they love the world. "Check the charge on the chicka chung chung" to the tune of Just Beyond the River Bend from Pochahontas is the song from the ferry in Greece when Darragh wondered if her iPod was charged. Also she said "we could watch the second (Harry Potter). Nah, we just want to live." Catherine Beauregard Subgum Chowgoo Killogram Eveything on it Chow-chow Pow-pow is a Barbie who named her two daughters Subgum and Chowgoo. Subgum Chowgoo came from Aurthur's Christmas and the Chow-chow Pow-pow bit is because her hair is very very poofy.Along with Subgum Chowgoo is The Bootress who sings "I am the Bootress" to the tune of I am the Walrus. The Bootress is a green marker wearing a boot. Mulciber Funnies Regina Regina is one of the moms along with Orange Mom from the TV program Switched at Birth. Darragh and I made up the Regina fun pack, Regina's jeans and imagined if the world was obsesed with Regina. Cronk Cronk and Eezma, from the Emperor's New groove are supposed to be evil but Cronk is just funny. We imagined that future shoppers would send a cronk or an eezma to do their shopping. Featuring Evie -something like: "Dunkaroo, we love you!" with robot hand actions.
-"my liiiife!"
-you were like heh, you were like heh, you were like heh.
Featuring Jenna -Sloth moth da da-da "gasp" (like a frog)
-It'll be fine (says th lady whos sugar is spilling all over her bag )
plinth: A slab-like member beneath a column.
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