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Cherry Blossoms Dating Site

No description

Kathleen Jorgensen

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Cherry Blossoms Dating Site

Cherry Blossoms There's a match for everyone Our site, Cherry Blossoms, is an online dating service available to persons over the age of 18, who are seeking out their perfect match. The site is open to persons of all racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious views. The matchmaking process will be initiated by the user signing up for our free program and submitting a form of basic personal information (i.e. the sex of the user, the sexual preference of the user, their birthdate, their name, etc.). When that is completed, the user will fill in a questionnaire in order to determine the user’s personality, and the answers will be used in comparison to other site-users’ responses to make matches, the matchmaking process is done in joint by a computer and an employee of Cherry Blossoms. The computer makes the initial matches, and then the employee reviews them in order to ensure that the matches are truly the best they can be. If the customer finds themselves interested in a person who they have been matched with, they may contact them through online chats supported by the site (these will be monitored at all times by a member of staff to ensure the safety of the users – if users wish to contact one another more privately, they have to organize that themselves). Dates will be arranged by the customers themselves, although they may contact a member of staff to guide them if they are unsure. The site will offer information on etiquette to be followed during dates to better achieve success. Theories Used as the Basis for Cherry Blossoms Script Theory Murstein’s Filter Theory Script theory was used in the development of our site because our service values the etiquette and good behaviour necessary in the courting process. In order for dating to work out, you are expected to act in a well-mannered way. Filter theory is how people filter through their potential mates, using deciding factors like age, personality, proximity and physical attractiveness, among other things, to decide on their preferred partner. This process of filtering is important in the matchmaking system of our dating service because matches are considered over what their interests and personalities are like, as they are revealed in the user’s filling in the questionnaire. Johnathon and Bree, were matched together on December 1st, 2010 through their strong passions for art. Once matched, did they begin to online chat through our website. Only weeks later, and after learning about each other, did they realize how compatible they truly were. They began to love the small distance they were for each other, their match's overwhelming good looks, and the values they held in life overall. They began meeting at coffee shops and visiting each other's art work displayed in the local art studios, noticing immediately how well their art contrasted each others. They knew from then on that they could find no more better match than the first one they were matched with by Cherry Blossoms They married on March 20th, 2011, and continue to be the happy and in love couple they once were when they first met. A Perfect Match!
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