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Biomass.8 Kaitlyn, Olivia, and Shannon

No description

Kaitlyn Filter

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Biomass.8 Kaitlyn, Olivia, and Shannon

The Truth of Biomass By: Olivia, Kaitlyn, and Shannon Are there any pollutants involved with your project? Yes, not all materials are available all year round that causes crop waste. If Biomass is overused It can develop and it can happen in less developed countries that burn more wood for heat. When we use fossil fuels it puts a lot of carbon in the air and we can also use it up one day. Using all the fossil fuels, we can replace that. We can use solar panels to run our cars or even for anything else. How Biomass works. The Cons of Biomass *Where is the resource frequently used? Are there specific locations in the world that it works better? What percentage of US energy is this resource?

Biomass is used for burning garbage, and wood for fuel
It’s also used for electricity
It can work all over the world equally
Our energy resources are Oil, Clean Coal Technologies, Natural Gas, and Nuclear Energy Other interesting facts:

You can reuse biomass
ethanol can damage automobile engines and fuel systems Other positives:

Biomass feeds on dead plants and animals. It can also be burned for electricity. Wood, crops, and animals can produce biomass. Biomass can be a pollutant when burned because it produces carbon dioxide, but it does not produce as much fossil fuels. Sulfur causes acid rain, but biomass doesn’t. It can also be a greenhouse gas. Disadvantages of Biomass.
It could have a great part of global warming
It still cost a lot, when you get the biomass and when you produce it in to alcohol
There is a loss in a growing plant mass Biomass Producing Energy. N.d. Photograph. Flickr. By Andrew Ciscel. Yahoo!, 20 Aug. 2006. Web. 21 Feb. 2013. • Is it healthy for the environment? Does it create any pollutants?

Biomass is a renewable substance.
Biomass also can produce electricity and produce heat for homes.
Biomass can be used as an energy source.
We also have been using biomass for 1,000s of years. Pros of Biomass Bibliography http://www.renegy.com/biomass.html
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