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The Odyssey: Greek Values

No description

Samantha Zaborowski

on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of The Odyssey: Greek Values

The Odyssey: Greek Values
By Sam Zaborowski

Quote 1
Quote 2
"So every day I wove on the great loom, but every night by torchlight I unwove it; and so for three years I deceived the Akhaians." (Homer 358)

This shows Penelope's intelligence to successfully deceive the suitors by tricking them
Quote 3
"The one who easily handles and strings the bow and shoots through all twelve axes I shall marry..." (Homer 371)

This again shows Penelope's intelligence, because she knows that the suitors have only a very slim chance of succeeding this feat
Quote 1
"Greetings, stranger! Welcome to our feast. There will be time to tel your errand later." (Homer 5)

This shows the hospitality of Telemakhos to a random stranger, who he offered much to, considering the fact that he did not know the stranger
Quote 2
"You old goat, go outside, cuddle your supper; get out, or a torch may kindle you behind!" (Homer 355)

This is a counterexample of hospitality, where one of the suitors tells Odysseus i disguise to go away and not to stay.
Quote 3
"In the morning light you'll bathe him and anoint him so that he'll take his place beside Telemakhos feasting in hall." (Homer 363)

In this scene, Penelope tells the maids how to care for the "beggar", showing a sign of hospitality to an unknown person
Quote 1
"And you must keep it from my mother...So the old woman vowed by all the gods, and vowe again, to carry out his wishes..." (Homer 30)

This quote shows the loyalty of the old Nurse to Telemakhos, saying that she swore to stay loyal to his descision of not informing his mother
Quote 2
"Orestes killed the snake who killed his father." (Homer 44)

This showes the loyalty the Orestes had to his dead father, which was enough for him to seek vengence.
Quote 3
"Would god it all came true! You'd see the fight that's in me!" (Homer 382)

In this scene, the cowherd says that if Odysseus were to come back, he would fight for him, showing his loyalty to Odysseus.
"My name is nohbdy... Nohbdy's my meat.." (Homer 156)

During this scene, Odysseus uses his intelligence to trick Polyphemus the Kyklops into thinking his name was "nohbdy" (nobody), so that the Kyklops would sound stupid and get no help
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