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7th Grade ELA Project

No description

Mellissa Carr

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of 7th Grade ELA Project

7th Grade ELA Project
The People Could Fly (798)
African American
Folk Tale
All Stories are Anansi's
African Folk Tale
Geography- gourd -calabash
- forest - bamboo
- vines

Language (shows that should be a story told out loud!) - "In the beginning"

Animals - python "Onini"
- spider "Anansi"
- hornets "Mmoboro"
-leapord "Osebo"

People(hints for the culture)-none

Weather- Hot!

Popo and Ixtla (777)
Mexican Legend
Based in Real People/ Events-
the war!
Emperor and his subjects (civilizations)
Details are exaggerated-
Popo standing watch forever...
Popo and Ixtla turned into mountains
Popo killing all the liars by himself
Larger-than-Life Characters-
Values/ attitudes of the culture-
value loyalty

The Lion and the Statue
Short story/ poem-
story (5 sentences long)

Animal Characters- Lion

Teaches a lesson-
"We can easily represent things as we wish them to be"
Folk Tale (797)- an entertaining story told through oral tradition.

Fable (797)- brief story/ poem, usually with animal characters, that teaches a lesson.

Legend (777)- based in real people or events even though it is exaggerated over time.

Popo and Ixtla are in love but not allowed to marry. Popo proves himself in war and wins the Empire and Ixtla; however, he returns to a dead Ixtla. He seeks revenge for her death and stands watch over her grave forever.
Geography- Africa - woods
- sea -tall trees
- field - heat
- rock piles -streams

Language (shows that should be a story told out loud!) -
-climbin, standin, callin
- "Say the people" "Say you"

Animals - Blackbird/crows
- Eagle

People(hints for the culture)-

Weather- hot

Sarah, a slave, learns to fly in order to save herself and her child from the slave owners.
Anansi, the spider, would like to own all the stories in the world. He uses his brains to fulfill all of the demands of the Sky God in order to gain the ownership of the stories. From then on, all stories are Anansi's.
A lion views a statue that man made and has a conversation with a man about who is stronger: man or lion.
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