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box and whisker plot

No description

laura meredith

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of box and whisker plot

what is a box and whisker plot ? - A box and whisker plot displays the distribution of data items a long a number line & quartiles divide the data into four equal parts. box
plot step 1.
order your numbers from least to greatest. step 2. find the median
( the middle number) step 3.
find the upper and lower quartiles whitch are the medians for the lower and upper "halves".

wetumpka middle school example 1 The heights, in feet, of suspended roller coasters in theUnited States are given below. 30 28 46 39 26 51 48 order your numbers from least to greatest 26 28 30 39 46 48 51 find the median ( or middle number ) 26 28 30 39 46 48 51 26 28 30 39 46 48 51 the median is 39 find the upper and lower quartiles 26 28 30 39 46 48 51 the lower quartile is 28 the upper quartile is 48 find the upper and lower extremes 26 28 30 39 46 48 51 the upper extreme is the highest number the lower extreme is the lowest number 51 26 last !
plug in your numbers on the number line the median and quartiles form your box and the extremes form your whiskers. 25 30 35 40 45 50 median upper quartile upper extreme lower quartile lower extreme created by : patrick nick laura objectives 1. to make box-and-whisker plots. 2. to analyze data in box-and-whisker plots 2nd 3rd 4th first step 4 find the upper and lower extremes the highest and lowest number i love you <3
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