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Backlog 3D

AgileByExample 2012 presentation

Mateusz Srebrny

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Backlog 3D

1 Q A Z X S W 2 3 E D C V F R 4 5 T G B N H Y 6 7 U J M K I 8 9 O L P 0 1 Q A Z X S W 2 3 E D C V F R 4 5 T G B N H Y 6 7 U J M K I 8 9 O L P 0 Background Land of flatness Story Mapping Multiple teams Backlog 3D + = 50 developers 12 teams 9 working on the same codebase strict cooperation with Tomek Łasica Positive characteristics Simple planning Forces prioritization Visibility / Vision one simple dimension second dimension 1 Q A Z X S W 2 3 E D C V F R 4 5 T G B N H Y 6 7 U J M K I 8 9 O L P 0 1 Q A Z X S W 2 3 E D C V F R 4 5 T G B N H Y 6 7 U J M K I 8 9 O L P 0 Orange
1 Q S E D F B N U 9 O P X C T G B U J 9 Green
A 3 C V T G J L 0 1 S W V R N H K I 8 O L Blue
W 2 4 5 H Y I 8 Q E D F 4 5 Y 6 P 0 Brown
Z X R 6 7 M K A Z 2 3 7 M Problems Not so easy prioritization Vision hardly visible Hideous maintenance Easy maintenance Positive characteristics Prioritization inside topics Walking skeleton style vision http://www.flickr.com/photos/tontoncopt/2075310775/ Problems Visibility distributed Hidden dependencies between teams (without feature teams) Positive characteristics One backlog aggregate Natural place for
standups & synchronization scaling to
next dimension Backlog 3D Thank you for attention Visibility needs
scaling too Problems Little visibility of team's priorities Little visibility of area's status Positive characteristics Again one place Area visibility Team priorities visibility Problems No time estimation Little flexibility http://www.flickr.com/photos/bill_harrison/4395845787/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/marjola/2391874669/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/threeheadedmonkey/3862431510/ mateusz@agiletrainers.pl Mateusz Srebrny Perfect for Product Owners External communication Tiresome boards synchronization Limited scalability Challenge 9 teams Half-year-long release Many "small" changes Keep delivery date Maximize work not done
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