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GATEWAY - Seoul, South Korea

Stefanie Ritoper

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of Gateway3

Generating Innovation : An Open Source City
Strategic Vision
Urban Form &
Open Source Design

Open Source Design
On Demand Adaptable Spaces
Portable City
Quality of Life
The Macro Picture
Build on Economic Strengths and Diversify
Seoul and the Open Source City are uniquely situated to make this vision a reality
Mix of Industries
Mobile Technology
University & Learning Partners
Flagship Corporate Partner
Types of Companies
Digital Infrastructure
Corporate Partner
Korean Tech Culture
Land for Universities
City as Lab
Tax increment financing to remediate the site
Joint public-private partnership between Seoul Development Institute and flagship companies
Increased property tax base
Fee for service for infrastructure maintenance
A domestic & foreign university partnership
Corporate and university collaboration
Start-up environment
Collective Idea Generation
Digital Media Innovation
Open Source Approach
Attracting Businesses to the City
Landscape and Urban Form
Attracting People to the City
Attracting People
High quality recreation space
Restaurants, nightlife and cultural events
High quality K-12 education and childcare
Lifelong learning
Franny Ritchie - Education Specialist
Ian Gray - Economic Specialist
Amanda Martin - Environmental Specialist
Stefanie Ritoper- Community Development Specialist
Chandan Deuskar- Urban Design Specialist
Elizabeth Ramaccia- Urban Design Specialist
Attract a mix of media industries to a global center of idea exchange and innovation
Regenerate landscape and use an open source process to shape the public realm
Integrate adaptive technology into everyday life
Create a community of lifelong learning
Global Media Technology Incubation
Attracting Business
Mosaic Lab, MIT
Wireless Routers
Job creation
Diversified export market
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