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Dogs vs. Cats

No description

Jamesy-Wamesy Wolf

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Dogs vs. Cats

have you ever seen a cute dog? if you haven't then you are just a mean person
Dogs are Great
at Hunting
Dogs are really good hunters. Lots of dog can hunt down dear, rabbits, and many other animals
Dogs are very helpful. Dogs help people who are blind by navigating them.
Dog are cute
Dog are smart
Cats are kind
of smart
Dogs vs. Cats
dogs are smart because they can learn tricks. and cool stuff that can come in handy.
yes, this is a dog
There soooo CUTE!!!!!!
The Winner is...
Cuteness: 1/2

Playful: 1

Helpful: 1/2

Hunters: 1

Dogs are helpful
dogs help firefighter save people and other animals
Go Dogs!!

Go Dogs!!

Go Dogs!!
Come on Cats!
I know you
can do it

Not many cats are smart. about 2 out of five cats are smart. But there are only few smart really smart cats.





3 1/2
2 1/2
... DOGS!!!!!!!
dume cat:
smart cat:
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