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Fast Food vs Slow Food

No description

Ryan Hurlock

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Fast Food vs Slow Food

Fast Food vs Slow Food
Advantages of Slow Food
Advantages of Fast Food
Disadvantages of Slow Food
Make smart choices
Limit fast food
Exercise more
Disadvantages of Fast Food
GLOB 1001
April 3, 2014
By: Ryan Hurlock, Patricia Grant, Rachel Amundson, Peyton Waters

1. More Calories
2. Addicting Ingredients
3. Soaring Obesity
Facts of Fast Food
Disadvantages of Fast Food
1. Significant amount of exercise
2. Obesity
3. Liver damage
4. Cardiovascular Disease
5. Impact on the environment
Fast Food and Children
Kid focused market fuels illness
Ending promotion of junk food to children
Less exposure = less diet-related disease as adults
The way fat cells work
Stats and What's in your food?
263,944 fast food rest in America
over $100 billion in revenue
8 out of 10 eat monthly
What is slow food?
What is slow food?
Food that is Produced or prepared in accordance with local culinary traditions, typically using high quality locally sourced ingredients
Economics Benefits
Local Production
Fair Prices
New Markets
Environmental Benefits
Traditional Knowledge

Fun Facts
Slow food was founded in Italy in 1989 to protect regional food production from the homogenization of modern fast food and fast life.
The movement bring together pleasure and responsibility, and makes them inseparable.
Disadvantages of Slow Food
Expensive - Not everyone can afford to buy organic locally grown food.

Could lead to deforestation - Industrialized farming yields more per acre than organic farming
Would need more farm land to produce more food
Disadvantages of Slow Food
Complications for distributors - cannot deliver local organic food on the same trucks as non organic.
Risk of contamination
More Costly
More trucks
Warehouses time
Seasonal Availability
Increased consumption of local foods in America could impact the economies of smaller, less advanced countries that rely on food export.
Benefits of Fast Food
Fast foods are convenient
Offer various choices
Cost Less
Calorie count indicator

What is Fast Food?
Fast foods are characterized as quick, easily accessible and cheap alternatives to home-cooked meals. (National Institute of Health)
Example of Fast Food restaurants.
Economic Impact of Fast Food
Huge industry supplying numerous jobs
Encourages competition
Sponsorship and advertising
Healthy choices are available
Make careful decisions
Drink water
Skip condiments
Special order
Eat mindfully
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