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6th Grade MN History

No description

Kellen Roberts

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of 6th Grade MN History

grade six history unit Minnesota History Minnesota Before Europeans Standards Two groups shared what is now MN. The Lakota in the South and the Anishanaabe in the north.

On Day 1 we will study the Lakota through an inquiry based lesson.

On day 2 we will study the Anishaanabe.

Both groups have history in the area stretching back very far so we will introduce some key ideas and then it will be up to you do more research. The Lakota People The Anishaanabe European Settlers Field Trip to Fort Snelling Compare and contrast the Dakota and Anishinaabe nations prior to 1800; describe their interactions with each other and other indigenous peoples. (Before European Contact) Describe European exploration, competition and trade in the upper Mississippi River region; describe varied interactions between Minnesota’s indigenous peoples and Europeans in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Describe the process of how Minnesota became a territory and state; identify the key events, individuals and groups involved in the process. (Expansion and Reform: 1792-1861) Analyze how and why the United States and the Dakota and Anishinaabe negotiated treaties; describe the consequences of treaties on the Anishinaabe, Dakota and settlers in the upper Mississippi River region. (Expansion and Reform: 1792-1861) Explain reasons for the United States-Dakota War of 1862; compare and contrast the perspectives of settlers and Dakota people before, during and after the war. (Civil War and Reconstruction: 1850-1877) Take 2 minutes to observe the object
When you have a sentence you could share about the object put your thumb up. Write down one guess about what the object might be, and one place online where you might look to see if you are right. Group work I will place you in groups of 3. Share your guesses with each other then choose one hypothesis (educated guess) that you will research.
Make a list of each site you visited and write whether it was helpful or not.
At the end you will share what your hypothesis was and how you tested it. A traditional Ojibwe Story.

We will read a traditional Ojibwe story together.

Did that story sound familiar? Did it sound like a story you have heard before? Minnesota has been home to people for a long time. The landscape the culture underwent a drastic change when whites began to take over what had been Indian land. Today we will be going to visit Fort Snelling.
We will learn first hand what life was like for the earliest non-native settlers in MN. Joseph Nicollet Today we will be visited by a very important person in Minnesota History. We will learn more about the land we call Minnesota before it became a state.
http://education.mnhs.org/history-live/history-live-lessons/mission-expedition Conflict between the Native peoples and the Newcomers. For the Next Two days we will learn about the relationship between the white settlers and the Native people of the area.

First we will study the treaties that were made with the Lakota people.

Then we will study the U.S. Dakota War of 1862 The U.S. Dakota War Objective: I can explain 2 causes of the U.S. Dakota War. First we will watch a video, I will be expecting you to remember two causes for the war. why do you think the Dakota attacked the white settlers?
Why do you think Lincoln ordered those men to be executed?

I want you to find a partner. You will write a letter to Abraham Lincoln giving him advice on what he should do with the captive Dakota. Give 2 reasons to support your opinion.

I will ask a few groups to share their letters. Treaties The US Government made many treaties with the Native People of Minnesota. We will read a few of them and then I will give you some time to write about whether or not you think the treaty process was fair.

http://www.treatiesmatter.org/treaties/land I want you to form groups of three and choose a treaty from the site. Then I want you to study it. Explain who was involved, what is was about, when it was signed, where it was negotiated, and why it was important to the people involved. Each group will share its findings. Questions:

What was Minnesota like
before the settlers

How did the whites and
the native peoples of the area

Was a war between the whites and the Native Americans unavoidable?
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