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Trisha May Ara M. Anareta

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Overview on the Philippine Education Curriculum Development
Monroe Survey of 1925
Philippine Commission on Education Reform
EDCOM Report of 1991
Republic Act 7722
Monroe Survey of 1925:
...a survey which had been conceptualized by Paul Monroe. With the aid of this survey, problems of the Philippine Education were discovered including teachers' competency, learning facilities and the learners. Many of the problems identified were attributed to impose an English based Education.
...a reform to strengthen the Philippine Education (public and private schools), finance for education facilities, medium of instruction and development of the teachers.
K+12 Curriculum
...it focused on the Educational shortages that will be solved through ample finance from the government. It's aim is to aid the low competency rate of the Filipino students.
....the Congressional Commission of Education is to strengthen the Education System by adding school hours and day and also improve the teachers' qualification for the enhancement of Basic Education.
...it is the transformation of DECS to CHED and the trifocalization of the Education System of the Philippines.
...it is the basic Education program that includes learning using mother tongue language as medium of instruction, with additional two years for vocational courses.
...is the Education plan designed to uplift and improve the quality of education for every Filipino by the year of 2015. It's aim is to provide basic competencies to achieve functional literacy for all through community commitment.
Group overview:
Changes in the Philippine Education Curriculum took place to improve the quality of our education, weak spots of education were identified and solutions were applied. All in all, we are in a continuous process to achieve the quality of Education that we are aiming for.
Group number 1:
Group leader:
AGUILAR, Regine R.

Ebora, Catherine
Palma, Ma. Judith

thank you :)
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