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All Our Yesterdays

No description

Ollie Storm

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays
By: Christin Terrill
Ollie Landauer
The conflict in the story is whether or not Em should kill James to benefit the future and erase the bad choices James is making.
The setting takes place in Washington D.C. in two different times in the future. The tone is dark and desperate because future Finn and Em have a limited amount of time to kill their ex-best friend. The mood is gloomy because everything is described as gray or dull without much hope.

Rising Action
Em and future Finn escape the military facility where they are held prisoner by James. They realize they must kill James. Nate, James's brother is shot and killed. Marina, Em's past counterpart, takes James's notes when he was in the hospital. Future Finn and Em flicker because time is erasing them. James is taken in by the director, the guy that used to torture future Finn and Em. Marina and young Finn are Kidnapped by the doctor, future James.
The climax of the story takes place at James's beach house. Young James wrestles the gun away from the doctor. James can't live with knowing that his future self will torture his two best friends, so he shoots himself.
Falling Action
The falling action is when Em whispers to Marina about how perfect she is. Time erases Em, and sets Marina back in the past. She learns that James committed suicide, so she, Finn, and James's family and friends attend the funeral.
“I tell her she’s beautiful and perfect and she’s going to be okay. I tell her she doesn’t need to change herself to fit in with shallow girls or to matter to someone. I tell her everything I wish I had ever known. I tell her I love her, and I realize as I say it that I love me, too.” Pg. 352
During the funeral, Marina and young Finn start to fall in love with each other. The book leaves the reader feeling hopeful that Marina and Finn will have a better future.
“Deep from the back of my mind, a voice that sounds a lot like my own speaks to me like a memory, telling me I’m strong and loved and that everything is going to be okay. And, for some strange reason, I believe it.” Pg. 360
Nothing is as simple or as black and white as it seems is a theme in "All Our Yesterdays." Young James never believes that he would hurt his best friends trying to change the world. When his best friends' counterparts come from the future to kill him, he realizes that nothing is ever simple as he thought it was. That realization forces James to think about his choices and if he really wants to build his time machine. He has two choices: to build his time machine and hurt his friends, or to not complete his life goal and save two of the people that he trusts the most in the world.
The protagonists are Em and Marina. They narrate the story, and at first they are against each other, but a common enemy helps them unite to save the future (oh, and the world).
The antagonists are the doctor (future James), the director, and time. The doctor tortures Marina, Em, and both Finns. The director is the one that helps the doctor become the evil person he is. Em and future Finn have to race against time trying to save their past selves from the pain that James inflicts.
Reading Level
This book level is young adult 12+ according to http://lilisreflections.blogspot.com/2013/08/review-all-our-yesterdays-by-cristin.html
Em is like me because I look back on my "past self" and think of how vain or oblivious I was. However, I do not think that I treat my younger self like a different person. Em thinks that Marina is a completely different person than she is now. I just think of my younger self as the same person, but the events are different because I know more now then I did then.
"'When I was little,' i say into his ear, 'i had an imaginary friend named Miles. He was a purple Kangaroo.'" Pg. 69
'Just got home. Went out for pizza.'" Pg.12
"i squeeze the gun in my hands as i picture luz, my dear luz, thrown away like a piece of trash. vivianne dying in a one-car crash in the middle of the night on the Baltimore-Washington parkway. mrs. Abbott, who will have nothing left of her son but a few scribbled postcards. Finn screaming as they torture him for information he doesn't have. all the people who will suffer and die because of james." pg. 149
"'I love you, marina,' he says. 'you're the best friend i ever had.'" pg. 350
"'Do it,' i say. 'i'll only come back.'
his eyes are bright. 'i could never do it. that's not what this is about.'
I bow my head, thinking of marina and how i've failed her. all the fight seeps out of me. does the doctor have her by now? 'You'll feel different someday.'" pg. 322-323
"All Our Yesterdays" by Christin Terrill is recommended for people above the age of 12 who enjoy books about science fiction, time travel, suspense, mystery, and dramatic endings. Though it can be read by people below the age of 12, it is not recommended because of some inappropriate content. The genre of this book is Science Fiction.
"You have to kill him." pg. 8
Character Development
Throughout the story, Em and Marina, the two main characters, change because of the horrific events they experience. Em, once terrified and afraid, changes to become brave and stand up for what she believes in. Marina changes from being shallow and oblivious to a girl that learns how to not judge people and how to survive in an inhospitable world. Both girls help each other change by viewing each other and sharing information. Em and Marina adapt to live a world that is cruel, but also offers love if you know where to look.
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