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Career Shadowing.

Career Shadowing Prezi about DaVita Dialysis.

Jessica Curatolo

on 9 November 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing.

Career Shadowing DaVita Dialysis Purpose of the company:
to treat people with chronic kidney disease. Employability skills used for this job:
You need to be ontime, be respectful to your peers and boss, be in dress code, and no eating and drinking while treating the patients. Average salary and education needed:
$75,000 per year,and you need prvious dialysis experience. Where will the company be in 15 years:
Their goal is to become the biggest dialysis company in the world. Currently, they are second, since they only run in America. Skills used for the job:
You need to use professional ethics. Would I persue a career with the company and business:
No, I would not. I think the company is good and I honestly have nothing against it, I just don't think the meical field is for me. I freak out when I am by needles. And although it was a good experience, I would never persure a job with the company. What is dialysis:
The cleaning of the kidneys. This is the room where people with HIV/AIDS go. These are the used needles. My mentor doing her phone calls and charts. These are DaVita's core values. What I liked most:
What I liked most was that it was an easy working environment. It was hectic like the E.R., but it was still related to the medical field. What I disliked most:
I disliked the fact that there were needles and blood where I could see them. I freak out when I see those two things, which is why I don't think this job is for me. Technology used in the job:
They used computers to record information and make charts, they use phones to go on important phone conferences, and all the dialysis machines use important technology to keep them operating. By: Jessica Curatolo
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