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Iowa State University Online Predeparture Orientation

No description

Study Abroad Center

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Iowa State University Online Predeparture Orientation

If you have a medical condition, CISI can help you find out about health resources at your destination

We also encourage you to share information with your Program Coordinator/Director

If you are on a faculty/staff-led ISU group program, it is particularly important for you to reveal all medical conditions to your Program Director
Your Personal Health
Students MUST take responsibility for their own health, well-being and disability accommodation requests


If you have a medical condition, CISI can help you find out about health resources at your destination

We also encourage you to share information with your Program Coordinator/Director

If you are on a faculty/staff-led ISU group program, it is particularly important for you to reveal all medical conditions to your Program Director
Your Personal Health

Important in the event of:
Lost passport
Natural disasters
Public health emergencies
Acts of terrorism

The U.S. Embassy/Consulate

Your Behavior Matters:
Drink responsibly
Know your limit
Realize laws vary by country
Understand the cultural context
Remember alcohol content varies
You’ve Heard This
Before, But…
Blend in
Use the buddy system
Use a neck pouch or money belt
Move confidently
Stay in well-lit and busy areas

leave your travel itinerary with someone

Hang out with the locals
Shhh…lower your voice
When Out and About…
“The major cause of student injury or death in overseas programs is traffic accidents.” - October 2000 Congressional hearing

Not driving – AS PEDESTRIANS!!!
Road Safety
Know the local equivalent of 911

Carry your insurance card with you at all times

If you have a cell phone, enter an I.C.E. number (In Case of Emergency)

Preparing For
Personal Emergencies

Students going abroad are automatically enrolled in international health insurance and assistance services

CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International) is provided unless you are participating in an affiliate program or are covered by SSHIP

You can purchase additional coverage on the CISI website at the discounted ISU rate
Insurance Abroad
Understand the cultural context

Research your host culture before you leave:

Avoid confrontations

If you are uncomfortable or feel threatened by someone you live with - move out of your living situation immediately

Report all incidents to your Program Director

Dealing With Uncomfortable Personal Situations
Distorted judgment
Being “on edge”
Inability to make decisions

Plan ahead to avoid making key decisions upon arrival

Warn your family you may not call immediately upon arrival
Jet Lag
Stay hydrated but avoid caffeine and alcohol

Bring disposable anti-bacterial wipes and hand-sanitizer (arm rests and trays)

Stand, stretch, move around

Consider purchasing compression
socks for long trips
Keeping Healthy While You Travel
Check ahead to see if your medication is available/legal in your host country

Take enough refills to last the entire trip (if possible)

Prescription medication MUST remain in original containers and MUST be in your carry-on baggage

Take an original written prescription (not specifying a brand name)
Give yourself time

Learn as much as possible about the host country

Resist making jokes or negative comments about host nationals and host culture

Identify a host national (roommate, classmate, peer mentor, etc.) you can talk to about specific situations and about your feelings related to those
Prescription For
Culture Shock
Need for excessive amounts of sleep
Compulsive eating or drinking
Irritability over small things
Relationship stress
Stereotyping of host nationals

How To Recognize Culture Shock
Airline Tickets
Talk to your bank before you leave!
Cash – Exchange some before you leave
Credit and Debit (Have multiple!)
Visa, MasterCard, AMEX
Long Term? Bank Account
If not, ATM
http://www.xe.com/ - Apps!
Carrying Money
Required to be considered for loans and grants
You will still receive aid already awarded
… Exceptions may apply!
Check with your scholarship providers to make sure you can receive the scholarship abroad
Financial Aid
Note: You must be receiving ISU or transfer credit for your study abroad program to receive financial aid

Tiffany Ahrenholtz
Student Financial Aid Office
0210 Beardshear Hall
Your ISU Study Abroad
Financial Aid Contact
Topics Covered In Part 1.
(This section is required.)

Please contact the Study Abroad Center for any questions that you may have.

Iowa State University Study Abroad Center
3224 Memorial Union
Ames, IA 50011
Safe travels!
No guarantee of trial by jury, assumption of innocence,
or bail

Ignorance is no excuse

U.S. Embassies can
not override local laws

If You Get In Trouble...
Register with the US State Department through the
rogram at:

ISU monitors the status of all program sites

ISU has emergency procedures

ISU works with one of the best assistance companies with expertise in handling international emergencies

Make sure that your family knows this!
Big Event Emergencies
Use general safety tips
Make a plan
Use the buddy system
Assess options to find an escape
Be alert
Know your limits

Ignore inappropriate remarks
Ask yourself - “Am I comfortable with what is happening?”
Protect your drink
Sexual Harassment
Reducing Your Risk
Stress, depression, and anxiety may be exacerbated abroad

Old conditions may reappear

Speak with a counselor and your program coordinator before you leave

Have a plan in place, stick with any medication you are using and avoid combining alcohol and medication

Mental Health Care
Keeping Healthy Abroad
Health Insurance
Passport and mailing
Visa and mailing

Program Fee
Round Trip Airfare
Tuition and Fees
Books and Supplies

What Is Included In Financial Aid?
Financial Aid and Money
Know your host country

Read local newspapers before you go

Know your home country

Be patient with the culture

Be open-minded and ready for discussion
Being a
Good Cyclone Abroad

Cultural Adjustment



Purchasing tips:
Cheapest is not always best
Book early
Empty cache when searching
Be aware of connections
Student ticket rates
Consider travel insurance

Buying Plane Tickets
ISU Student Disciplinary Regulations
ISU Study Abroad Conduct Code
Host institution’s conduct code
Host country’s laws
Need a break? Good, you've got one. Congratulations!!
You just finished part one.

Additional Optional Information is Covered in Part 2:
Cultural Adjustments
Financial Aid & Money
Buying a Plane Ticket
Attend Site-Specific Orientation

Complete remaining ISUAbroad requirements

After This Presentation:
Bring common over-the-counter medications and items with you

Research the country you are headed to. What items are hard to find or expensive: TP, sunscreen, etc.?

Research food and beverage risks for your location

Iowa State University
Study Abroad Center
Online Predeparture Orientation

Blending In
Do you have backup plans?
How far is the nearest exit?
What is the second plan if friends don't meet-up as discussed?
Do you have the address (in writing) to show a taxi driver?
What if there is no Wifi???????
Backup Plans
ISU Student Disability Resources Office
Do you currently work with this office on campus?
Do you have special accommodations?

It is your responsibility to make sure these details are known by your program coordinator or director.
Sexual Health Abroad
You may feel less inhibited while abroad.
You may take more risks.
Research sexual preferences and cultural/legal norms.

Packing Tips!
Be prepared
What is my first response going to be?
React quickly
Force yourself to react
Make yourself a smaller target
Run if there is a safe route out, if not, drop to the ground & get behind something
Fight back
Assess; be ready to fight if necessary
Help each other
Co-operating with others can increase survival
After escape
Get as far away as possible; find nearest authority
By Camila Ruz; BBC News Magazine, 11/19/2015; http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34844518
the following advice is helpful
In case you happen to experience a terrorist attack
If you are going to Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Antarctica
No additional vaccinations are needed
Always review your routine (childhood) vaccination record
If you have an existing medical condition, see your regular doctor to plan for your time abroad
These services are available:
Travel clinic
First aid kits

If you are going to Caribbean, Mexico, Central or South America, Africa, Asia

at least 8 weeks
ahead of departure
you may need to consult with ISU Thielen Student Health Center
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