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Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer

No description

Casey G.

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer

Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer By Katie Alender
Who's the protagonist?
Main character of the story. She is a junior in high school.
I believe that not all ages would enjoy this book. Maybe middles schoolers and up would enjoy/understand this novel. I would give this book a rating of nine out of ten.
Have you ever thought about going to Paris and then finding out there was a ghost following you around the whole time? That's exactly what the main character, Colette Iselin, had going on during her class trip to Paris. Colette finds a way to stop Marie Antoinette from following her around and chopping people's heads off.
The genre of the book
"Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer" is horror.
The setting of this book is mostly in Versailles where Colette first "meets" Marie Antoinette's ghost. Also, the setting is in Hotel Odette, where the girls' stayed during their trip in Paris.
Hotel Odette
The protagonist of the book "Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer" is Colette Iselin. Colette is not only the main character of this novel but she is also a junior in high school. She falls in love with her class's tour guide, Jules. But, then Colette meets Armand, who is a rich, French guy. Colette and Hannah, her best friend, start getting to know Jules and Armand. Colette "fights" with Marie Antoinette and figures out a way to stop her from chopping heads off of people who are living or visiting in Paris. Marie follows Colette around attempting to chop her head off. Colette finds a way to stop Marie's doings.
The conflict of this novel is when Pilar is about to get killed by Marie Antoinette's ghost when Colette saves him. She is now the major target of Marie's. Marie finds a way to kill Pilar. Now, she is going to do more than chop Colette's head off. She will throw things at her and choke her until she dies.
Colette's rich best friend.
Colette's other rich best friend.
The tour guide for Colette and her classmates. Colette thinks he is cute.
Rich, French guy who both Colette and Hannah "fall" in love with.
Marie Antoinette's Ghost
- A past queen of Paris who has died. She chops heads off of people who either live or are visiting in Paris.
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