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The AAAAAAAAAAmazing Madrid


yau caden

on 29 May 2016

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Transcript of The AAAAAAAAAAmazing Madrid

Amazing Madrid
By.Caden Yau 5C
Best place to visit for Y5 study tour
Located in the middle of Spain
Capital city of Spain
The 18 th century royal bricks
Open-Air cinema only open in summer
A Futuristic cafe shop that can learn how to make drinks
Centro Cultural de Conde Duque
Located in Bogota DC
Year 5 would surly love it
Beside the gold museum

Parque Stander
Many kind of chairs and tables from older times
Can learn about old kings and queens
Largest palace in Europe
Royal Palace
Calix Forum
Learn new kind of designs
Learn Spanish style designs art
See many kinds of wall art
Ivorypress Arts Books
Used many ways to explain each books meaning
World's best book exhibition
All books are designed by artist
The Museum National Centro
Pablo Picasso, Joan Mario and Dalli
Famous drawings and painting
May learn about famous artist
Casa De Campo
Largest urban park in Europe
Could see wild free animals
Incredible environment
Buen Retiro Park
A Spanish designed public park
Once a BIG royal hotel
Art exhibition center
Madrid Rio
Has beautiful statues
Has clean water
Really amazing
Best place for Year 5 study tour
Unexpected tourist attractions
Unbelievable culture
Incredible environment
Madrid Berlin,Gerstrammish.2015
Tourist Attractions
Unbelievable Culture
Incredible environment
Thank you
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