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Lights Out, Game On: Kukui Cup Energy Competition

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Isaac A Rodriguez Lupercio

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Lights Out, Game On: Kukui Cup Energy Competition

Holly Allar- Residence Director
Isaac A. Rodriguez Lupercio- Residence Director
University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Lights Out, Game On:
Kukui Cup Energy Competition Presentation Goals and Outcomes History of the
Kukui Cup Structure and implementation
of Kukui Cup:
Inaugural year Structure and implementation
of Kukui Cup:
Second Year Discussion Challenges
Opportunities for growth Skype
with Faculty partner
Philip Johnson Thank you! Holly Allar: allarhol@hawaii.edu
Isaac Lupercio Rodriguez: iarl@hawaii.edu
Mike Kaptik, Executive Director of Student Housing Services: kaptik@hawaii.edu
Faculty Partner Philip Johnson: johnson@hawaii.edu - To educate professionals on the unique sustainability challenges facing Hawai`i and its future generations
- To share information on a one-of-a-kind collaborative project created to address sustainability challenges in Hawai`i
- To encourage and inspire creative solutions to sustainability issues on other campuses
- To share personal perspectives on academic/student affairs collaboration based on experiences with the Kukui Cup -learn about sustainability challenges unique to Hawai`i

-gain knowledge of the Kukui Cup competition format, content, and implementation

-broaden their perspectives on the strengths and challenges of academic/student affairs collaborations

-gain information on how to use technology to engage students on the topic of sustainability

-leave with resources that will help them explore the Kukui Cup project (multimedia, publications, social media, planning team, etc) in more detail 3 weeks long
“Web-based competition” elements “Energy-based competition” elements

Recycled Fasion Design Workshop Findings 418 students

Questionnaire analysis

Energy Saving Learning Outcomes Goals Context of Creation: Sustainability issues in Hawai`i Average Energy cost 2009- Jan 2013:

United States: .$0.13 Per kWh hour
New York-Northern New JErsey-Long Island: $0.20 per kWh hour
Hawaii: $0.35 per kilowatt hour Kukui Cup has a unique format
web-based competition and energy-based competition with active educational elements

Comparison: Kukui Cup vs. other energy competitions General plan Year long competition

September Programs


“Web-based competition” elements Hale Aloha RAs paired up by lounges

Introduction to Kukui Cup
Resident Log-in page (http://kukuicup.manoa.hawaii.edu/landing/)
Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/kukuicup)
Twitter (https://twitter.com/kukuicup)
“Energy-based competition” elements Kukui Cup organizers organized programs

Energy Scavenger Hunt,
Sustainable Organic Farming, Movie Night,
2 weeks into Kukui Cup- Round 1 awards

High Energy Arts
Pedal Palooza,
Ended with Round 2 awards
Prizes Data and findings Structure References Kukui Cup website: www.kukuicup.org

The Role of Resident Assistants: Lessons Learned from Two kukui Cups.
Philip Johnson, october 19, 2012

The Kukui Cup: Shaping everyday energy use via a dorm energy competition, Robert S. Brewer, (Proceedings of the CHI 2011 Workshop on Everyday Practice and Sustainable HCI, May, 2011.)

Hawaii State Profile and Energy Estimates. US Energy Information Administration, 2012 http://www.eia.gov/state/analysis.cfm?sid=HI

Beyond kWh: Myths and fixes for energy competition game design, Philip Johnson, Yongwen Xu, Robert Brewer, George Lee, Michelle Katchuck, and Carleton Moore. October, 2012

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. Average Energy Prices New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island 2009 - January 2013. Press Release: http://www.bls.gov/ro2/avgengny.pdf 9/10ths Hawaii's energy from crude oil (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2012) Hawaii has multiple resources for renewable energy (hydropower, solar power, wind power), but according to data none of them
are currently being used effectively. Play at the Cafe Chillaxation Round 1
Lounge awards party High Energy Arts 1st Week-RA Challenges
Resident Participation
Questionnaire Analysis
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