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The Breakfast club assignment- Anthro

No description

Alex Novotny

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of The Breakfast club assignment- Anthro

The breakfast Club By: Alex Novotny and Sylvia Chlumsky Bender Allison character Sketch Agents of Socialization Socialization Theory Socialization theory Agents of socialization Character Sketch Character Sketch Socialization Theory Agents of socialization Andrew Andrew Clark is "the athlete" of the school and is very popular among all of his peers. He likes wrestling and therefore is on the wrestling team. He presents himself as being arrogant and "all that". To poke fun at him people call him "sporto" and even though it looks like it doesn't get to him he is very insecure about who he is. Andrew cannot think for himself and lets the people around him effect his decisions more than he should. Peers From watching the movie, The Breakfast Club, one can see that the character Andrew demonstrates Cooley's looking glass self theory. Andrew is always looking for ways to impress his father, and his peers. For example, in the movie, Andrew initially did not think it was necesary for him to go to detention, and without the influence of his father, he likely would not have gone. however, his father brought up the fact that it would not look good on Andrew's part if he did not go. Another part of the movie that indicated that Andrew needed approval of others to feel good about himself was when he said "I tortured this poor kid because I wanted him [his dad] to think I was cool." This quote shows that Andrew understood it was wrong to torture his peer, however he felt it was more important that his father thought he was cool. It was also evident that Andrew acted the way he did to impress others when Allison said, "you do everything everyone tells you to." Andrew would likely not do everything everyone told him to if he did not need to impress others to feel okay about himself. (mrs. Kennedy) John Bender is known as "the criminal" around school. He presents himself as a rude kid who is disrespectful to everyone, especially his authority figures. He steals, ruins property (like the schools library, lockers etc) and does drugs. Bender is very violent and will pick a fight whenever possible. He is seen to be a failure no matter what and doesn't try to change that impression people have about him. Family Bender is trying to live up to the expectations people seem to already have of him. We come to realize Bender really is a caring person, especially when he stands up to Claire for Brian when she says they can't be friends at school and says "cause you know how shitty that is to do to someone, and you don't got the balls to stand up to your friends and tell them you're going to like who you wanna like." (the Breakfast.) However, at the beginning of the movie, Bender acts like a criminal who does not care about anyone else. Bender is acting this way because he was told by his parents that that's the kind of person he is, and that's the person his peers expect him to be. f or example, when Bender tells Claire her lipstick trick is stupid, he only says it because people expect him to be rude. Really, we learn in the end that Bender was not actually disgusted with her trick, he only said it. As for his parents, they do not expect much from him, especially in terms of grades, so he does not deliver. Allison Reynolds is considered the "basket case" by people at her school. She likes to draw and create art and is very creative. She is quiet, shy and likes to keep to herself. Allison is ignored at home as well as at school which is why she keeps to herself. She is seen as weird by her peers and therefore doesn't have any friends. Family Allison demonstrated the social learning theory. Her parents and peers ignored her so she never really understood how to talk to people and interact with them;
"they ignore me" - Allison (The breakfast)
This resulted in her not having any friends and having to fall back into herself for a place of comfort. Through the movie you see than there is more to Allison than a quiet person in the back ground and she has a lot to say when people are willing to listen. (Mrs.Kennedy) photo 2 photo 1 photo 3 "You do everything everyone tells you to" -Allison (The Breakfast) "They ignore me"- Allison (The breakfast) Family "You ask me one more question and i'm beating the shit out of you" - Bender (The breakfast) Peers Peers Andrew gave in to his friends telling him to bully someone even though he did not want to. He thought that if it makes him look "cool" to his peers then he should do it. His dad tells him that he has to be the best in sports and has to be the typical jock, because they influence him so much, Andrew strives to live up to that. (Citation for notes??) A quote from the movie that shows this would be when Andrew says, "I tortured this poor kid because I wanted him [his dad] to think I was cool." (The Breakfast) As we learn from the movie, Bender's parents are often putting him down, telling him he is stupid, worthless and no good." (The Breakfast). Bender has been hearing these kinds of things for so long, he feels the need to live up to them. Benders peers at school all have the image that he is a criminal who doesn't care for others. We learn in the movie that Bender really is a caring person, however around his peers he seems to feel the need to live up to the image others have of him by being rude, destroying school property and doing drugs. Allison's family ignores her and makes her feel like she has to do certain things like lie to get noticed. All of Allison's peers see her as weird and quite and do not socialize with her. Allison sees this as more of a reason to be shy and act strange as it is what everyone already assumes she acts. Works Cited

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