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Ceyx & Alcyone

No description

Casey Ortiz

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of Ceyx & Alcyone

Alcyone & Ceyx
Plot Structure
Plot Structure - it's the sequence of events in a story. It includes the setting, characters, conflict, action and resolution of the story.
Setting: Their Palace, Sea, The house of Somnus
Protagonist v.s. Antagonist: None
Rising Action #1: Alcyone beggs Ceyx not to go out in the sea
Rising Action #2: Ceyx drowns and dies in the sea because of hurricane
Rising Action #3: Juno hears Alcyone's prayers for Ceyx and sends her to the house of Somnus/ God of Sleep
CLIMAX: Alcyone discovers that Ceyx is dead.
Falling Action:She sees Ceyx's body in the sea with sorrow.
Resolution:The gods turn Ceyx and Alcyone into birds
THEME: Death can never be stopped by love
Character Archetypes
Hero: Ceyx- Ceyx leaves Alcyone to take a long journey across the sea. He wished to consult the oracle, men's refuge in trouble.

Mother Figure: Juno- He was touched by Alcyone's prayers and sends her to the house of somnus to know the truth about Ceyx.
Situational Archetypes
Supernatural Intervention: Juno helps Alcyone know about Ceyx's death

The Journey: While Ceyx is on his journey through the sea a great storm makes the waves wash over him as he thought about Alcyone and rejoiced that she was safe. Her name was on his lips when the ship sunk.
When the gods turned Alcyone and Ceyx into birds; every year there seven days when the sea is calm and still. These are the days when Alcyone broods over her nest floating on the sea. When it's winter these days of perfect peace come, they are named after her. This myth is trying to explain that in these peaceful seven days, Alcyone, or more commonly, that these days are called Halcyon days.
Thank you For Listening!!
My name is Casey Ortiz and I was delighted to present and show you guys the myth Ceyx and Alcyone. This myth is a great lovers myth because it shows love and passion. They cared very much about each other even though Alcyone's true love dies. It is a very sad but wonderful myth and I hope you guys liked it too.
After we go I just wanted to show you a short video of the myth and some pictures
This is when Morpheus(the son of the God of Sleep) transforms like Ceyx in Alcyone's dream to reveal Ceyx's death
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