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Chapter 17 Vocabulary

Mr. winn

rayzhanna greenhoward

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 17 Vocabulary

Rayzhanna Greenhoward Chapter 17 Climate General conditions of temperature and precipitation for an area over a long period of time . Prevailing Wind Wind that blows more often from one direction than from any other direction. Windward side Side of a mountain facing toward the wind. Leeward side Side of a mountain facing away from the wind. Microclimate Localized climate in a small area . Polar Zone Climate zone extending from the pole (90) to about 60 latitude in each hemisphere. Temperate Zone Climate zone located between 60 and 30 latitude in each hemisphere. Tropical Zone Climate zone located between 30 latitude and the equator 0 in each hemisphere. Marine Climate Climate found in areas near an ocean or other large body of water. Continental Climate Climate found in areas within a large landmass. Major Glaciation Period in the earths history when large parts of the earths surface were covered with sheets of ice; ice age. Interglacial Time period between major glaciations, or ice ages .
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