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Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Project - Timeline

Miss Klauk- Liam, Stefano, Olivia, Chloe, and Jimmy


on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Project - Timeline

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Project - Timeline By: Olivia Jerge, Chloe Bell-Thomson, Stefano Galante, Liam Fischer, and Jimmy Twist Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Event 2: The KKK come to the Logan house. Quote: "The lead car swung into the muddy driveway" -Narrator, Page 67 Chapter 3 Event 1: The Logan kids dig a hole in the road to tip the bus and to get revenge on the bus driver for spraying them with mud.

Quote: "Cassie, you start digging over there on that side of the road across from me" - Stacey, Page 51 Event 1: TJ and Stacey get into a fight about cheating. Stacey gets blamed for cheating when it was really TJ's fault. Then the boys went to the Wallace store and had a fight. Quote: "She caught him with cheat notes during the examination" - Christopher John,
Page 81 Chapter 4 Event 2: Big Ma and Cassie have a long discussion together about Logan family history. Quote: "Born into slavery he was, two years before freedom come, and him and his mama stayed on at that plantation after the fighting was finished" - Big Ma, Page 90 Event 1: Mama is fired from teaching by the school board members for gluing the books so you couldn't see the chart that showed how the white kids got the new books and how the black kids got the beat up ones. Also, they accused her of teaching the kids things that weren't in the books.

Quote: "Mama, can't you ever teach no more?" - Christopher John, Page 185

Quote: "Somewhere else but not here - at least for a while."- Mama Pg. 185 Chapter 8 Event 2: Cassie sucks up to Lillian Jean and is nice to her for a whole month. Then once she has gained Lillian Jean's trust Cassie physically forced her to apologize for what she and her father did to her at Strawberry. Event 1: Mr. Granger threatens to kick the tenants off their land if they don't stop shopping at Vicksburg and start shopping at the Wallace Store. Chapter 9 Event 2: Papa's leg got busted by the wagon when Mr. Morison, Stacey , and he were ambushed. Event 1: Cassie Goes to Strawberry

Quote: "Cassie, get up you going to town with me"- Big Ma, Page 163 Event 1: Logan's have to pay the mortgage by June. Quote: "With Hammer's half of the mortgage money we've got enough to meet the June payment." -Mama, Page 219 Chapter 10 Event 2: Mr. Morrison and the Logan kids run into the Wallaces on the way back from Strawberry. Quote: "Cassie get in back and stay down" - Mr. Morrison Pg. 224 Chapter 5 Event 1: TJ comes to the Logan's house at night and tells them how he got beat up by R.W and Melvin. Quote: "I-I'm in trouble, I'm really in trouble." -TJ, Page 224 Chapter 11 Event 2: White men attack the Avery house and capture TJ. Event 1: Uncle Hammer is Home

Quote: "Uncle Hammer!"- Stacy and Cassie, Page 119 Quote: "We want that thieving, murdering n----- of y'alls."- White men, Page 251 Event 1: The Logan Children tell Papa about how TJ is in trouble with the white men. Quote: "This thing's been coming for a long time, and TJ just happened to be the one foolish enough to trigger it." -Papa, Page 259 Event 1: Cassie doesn't want little man to see the racist textbooks.
Event 2: Mama and Miss Crocker discuss the textbooks.
Quote 1: "We promise we will take care of the our new books" - Miss Crocker's Class, Page 27
Quote 2: "A perfectly good book ruined with foot prints!" - Miss Crocker, Page 29 Chapter 12 Event 2: Papa starts the cotton on fire to distract the white men and to free TJ. Event 1: Papa comes home
Event 2: Mr. Morrison comes to work on the Logan's Land
Quote 1: "Its Papa!!!" - Little Man, Page 37
Quote 2: "Children meet Mr. LT Morrison" - Papa, Page 39 Chapter 6 Quote: "Folks thinking... that lightning struck that fence of yours and started that fire... It's better if you stay clear of everything" -Mr. Jamison, Page 273 Event 2: Cassie Learns about her Slave History

Quote: "But there grandparents were born in Africa and their children were born into slavery "- Mama page 127 Event 1: Christmas at the Logan's house

Quote: "By dawn the house smelled of Sunday: chicken frying, bacon sizzling, and smoke sausages baking. By evening, it reeked of Christmas" -Narrator, Page 145 Event 2: Cassie fights the Simms Family on the street.

Quote: "That ain't enough get on the street"- Miz Lillian Jean, Page 113 Chapter 7 Event 2: Cassie learns about her family's slave history.

Quote: "But there grandparents were born in Africa and there children were Born into slavery"- Mama, Page 127 Event 2: Papa Comes home for Christmas.

Quote: "Oh Papa" "I'd knew you'd come!"- Cassie, Page 154 Quote: "They'll get kicked off their plot of land they tend and there'll be no place for them." -Papa, Page 205 Quote: "I'm..... all right just got my leg broke, that's all." - Papa, Page 211 Quote: "I'm who I am and you're who you are" - Cassie, Page 172

Quote: "Let me take those books from you."- Cassie, Page 172

Quote: "Miz Lillian Jean- the way I see it we all gotta do what we gotta do."- Cassie, Page 172 The End!
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