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I'll miss you...

No description

Alana McDonald

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of I'll miss you...

A place where creepy
dolls lurk around corners
to terrify you.
FedUni Library...
Chris works there.
So does Peggy.
So do Bec and Talia and Marian and Sue and Helen and Meghan, but I don't have any photos of them on my phone, which is sad.
We make our
own fun.

that fun
post-it note
In fact, I miss you already!
I'll miss you...
Where students leave
One Direction USB
sticks lying around for
us to find and laugh at.
Anything can happen.
Dorothy and Alice used to work at FedUni too, but Dorothy had to go. They were probably doing a Buzzfeed quiz here that Marian had sent them.
It's a pretty great place.
Sometimes there are
paper dolls that look
just like you!
And there is a skeleton
named Sam who is
always interestingly
dressed. I made his
stylish hat.
And once it snowed!
I'm going to miss it.
Thank you for making the
past three years such a joy.
I've loved working with you
all and I'll miss you very
much. I only hope that my
new colleagues aren't too
terrible. They have a lot
to live up to!
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