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Social Media In Education

No description

Chris Tuck

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Social Media In Education

Social Media In Education
How can it be used effectively to enhance learning?
Effective use of Social Media in Education
Guiding Question:
How can social media be used effectively to enhance learning?
Author: Chris Tuck
U of L: Ed 4766
Online Presentation Assignment
Created: November 2013
Social Media Modalities
Should we use social media in education?
Why Avoid It?
Privacy and security issues
Have and have nots
Limited school resources
School network Internet filters
More screen time
Too much work to learn to use
Why Embrace It!
Engaging for students
Opportunity to teach digital literacy
Enhanced learning opportunities
Constructive screen time
Social Media is not going anywhere
We already use it (i.e. Youtube)
Who Benefits?
Social Bookmarking
# of different forms
Each serves a particular function
Differing educational uses
Some may not benefit education
Expand network
Constructive digital footprint
Increased engagement
Ease in collaboration
Multiple learning styles attended to
Tools for future learning
"PD 24/7" (Kist & Sheninger, 2012)
Collaborate with other educators
Share and acquire resource
Professional digital footprint
Ease of communication
"develop a solid life-long learning policy" (Kharbach, 2012)
Stay informed
monitor school work
Ease of communication
with teacher and child
Facebook vs. Edmodo
Increased student Engagement
Removed Geography and Time barriers
Increased collaboration
Consistency in communication
Creating positive constructive digital footprints
Although these may not be true in all situations some of the benefits include:
Social Media in Education
Function: Post visual 'pins' with minimal text related to a common idea, topic, issue, etc.
Effective uses in Education
Photo journal
Visual Brainstorming
Share lessons, projects, organization tools, etc.
Add to online presence and PLN
Function: Text-based posts of max 140 characters. Uses # to denote a idea, topic, issue, etc.
Effective uses in Education
connect/collaborate with peers, teachers, experts, etc outside classroom
Follow current events or issues in real time
Network with fellow educators and expand PLN
Share/acquire resources, ideas,, etc.
Function: save, organize, and annotate online resources
Effective Uses in Education
Collaborate, Save, and share resources for a group projects
Access resources from different platforms
Save and share teaching resources with fellow educators
Organize teaching resources by topic, issue, subject area
Function: Network with friends and community. Share ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc.
Pros: "Global Connection",
Cons: Age restriction, Access
Pros: Education focused
Cons: Access, Messaging
Function: Sharing using varied formats
Google Hangouts for video chat collaboration
Share ideas via circles and groups
Share videos about a topic, issue, interest, etc.
Post video assignments
Google Drive:
Use google docs, presentation to collaborate on group project
Use google calendar to keep students, parents, teachers updated on classroom happenings
Before using social media consider the following:
Resources (home and school)
Privacy, Security, Access
What is your goal? Is this the right tool?
Digital Citizenship
Private or professional?
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Key Takeaways
Social Media can enhance education
engaging and fun!
Multiple modalities
Varied formats and educational uses
Key consideration before implementation
Potential for positive outcomes
Benefits: Students, Teachers, and Parent
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