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The Super Simple Speech Layout

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Gabriele Roncoroni

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of The Super Simple Speech Layout

Do you want to up your game
in your presentations?
Here is a super simple keynote diagram
for effective presentations!
The diagram for layout has three components:
" . . . "
And then they go on and on for 5 MINUTES
about the trip or something equally as dull...
Launching right into your presentation
is the best way to engage the audience quickly!
“Imagine you are having the perfect day in your life as a professional speaker.
You’re standing in front of your ideal audience.
You have them at hello and rock them all of the way through until close.
As you exit the stage to thunderous applause…”
This is how Jane Atkinson starts her presentations to professional speakers!

A story that effectively captures the attention
from the first moment!
get people engaged and present with you in the room
not on their iPhone or still in a hallway conversation
show them that you know them
and their desires
make it about them and not you
get them participating with you
they know this will not be “lecture” style, that it will be highly interactive.
Your opening needs to do the following three things:
Get the audience’s
Preview the theme
of your presentation
Allow the audience
to see who you are
- Lou Heckler
How many times have you seen a speaker start with:
”Boy, it sure is nice to be here in Tampa with you today....”
They have not prepared what they were going to say
and are trying to buy themselves some nice time.
There’s an old saying:
"Tell them what you’re going to tell them,
then tell them,
then tell them what you told them.”
You can’t underestimate the power of repetition!
After your opening,
you might offer up
your agenda and say,
“we’re going to cover
some things today: a, b, c....”
Then you go on
to tell them a, b, c...
using terrific stories
to illustrate each.
Then at the end
you would again say,
“Today we’ve talked about
a, b, c… and in conclusion…."
Many speakers fail to deliver a powerful closing story and their speech just ends with a wah wah wah…
it simply leaves you hanging.
One of the best ways to end a speech is with a story.
It is with a strongly-told story that your audience will relate your message to their own life and connect with it emotionally.
When you close with a story:
Always choose a story that connects directly to your message
Keep this story succinct and structured
this is not the time to go off into tangents.
Keep it simple
It is very difficult to listen to a story that is not clear and to the point.
Pick a story
that is close to your heart
and sums up your message.
If you accomplish this
You have done your job!
- Sarah Hilton
The Epic Keynote:
Presentation Skills and Styles of Wealthy Speakers
by Jane Atkinson

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