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GenPak - OHS Presentation

No description

Nora Hammond

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of GenPak - OHS Presentation

Conclusions and Recommendations

Do YOU want to look as cool and as protected as Jeff?
I feel safe!
Thank you!

Courtney Arthurs
Jeff Brown
Nora Hammond
Katrina Pavlovic
Tessa Robinson
Klara Zoldos

Examining Hazards and Best Practices at
Genpak Canada

Manufacturer of premium quality, single use food packaging products
OHS inspection for the plant in Mississauga
Information can be applied to other plants
Focus on achieving high OHS standards, and working as a team to achieve a safe and healthy working environment
Objective: Learn about the important processes of manufacturing, and the controls Genpak has in place to protect workers.
Good OHS protects the employees and the bottom line

- High noise levels from production equipment

Physical Hazards - Noise

Chemical Hazards - Styrene

Bacteria, fungi, virus build up within machinery
Inhalation is the primary source of biological hazard

Biological Hazards

Safety Hazards

Lifting Boxes

Repetitive Strain

Ergonomic Hazards

Air Contaminants

Indoor Air Quality Hazards

Example of Workplace Violence at Genpak

"In one of our small town locations we had an incident where one employee had the impression that personal differences could be "settled outside" in spite of Bill 168 training being given in the workplace. Police were called and suspensions were handed out which was a surprise to the employee."

How can you stress the importance of workplace violence training to eliminate these issues?
Workplace Violence

Safety Hazards – Moving Parts of a Machine

Improper lifting of heavy boxes can lead to both repetitive strain and acute injuries

Let's review how to properly lift a box

Replace Me!
Do I need to be here?
Proper storage of PPE at all times
Foam Fire Extinguisher
for A and B type fires

What are type A and B fires?
Proper PPE is
Am I in the way?
Most health and safety requirements met

Good health and safety protects employees AND the bottom line

Managers can do a better job of
plant floors are left clean
PPE is properly stored
training is given/received by employees

Outside OHS help
machines inspected regularly by certified engineers
keep replacement/repair costs down
protects employees
reduces risks of lockouts

Colourless, toxic, flammable liquid
Vaporizes into a sweet smelling gas
Can be absorbed, ingested or inhaled
Both acute and chronic effects
What to Look For- Styrene
Major Illnesses:
- Gastrointestinal tract failure
- Kidney illness
- Respiratory system problems
- May be a carcinogen (debated)

Chronic Exposure:
- Tiredness/lethargy
- Memory deficits
- Headaches
- Vertigo

Fall Arrest
Inhalation of biological and chemical contaminants
Possible Hazards
Excessive humidity
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Exit
Lab Coat
Hair Nets
Ear Plugs
Deluge Shower
Fire Hose
Marked Paths for Forklifts and Traffic
Located outside the building
Machine lock outs lead to lost production hours and mistrust by employees regarding the organization's commitment to their safety
Cream Label
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