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Storehouse for Jesus

No description

Katie Lewis

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Storehouse for Jesus

Storehouse for jesus By: Katie Lewis Checkout and toys linen My favorite part was making baby layettes. It was so fun sorting through baby clothes and picking things out that goes for a boy(blue clothes, sheets, shoes, socks, bibs, hats, etc), a girl(all in pink) or unisex(colors like green or yellow that can be for either sex) floor items: clothes, shoes, hats, underclothes, decorations/household items. foods: frozen foods, non-perishable and perishable, bread, desserts, slim-fasts, condiments, and baby food which is limited on the floor. The floor is the place where clients get all the items, just like a grocery store although without money and items are limited. Although clients have the floor to pick food there is also the TEFAP items which are in the back Back, this is where the TEFAP paper comes in handy, the items that the client requests is recorded on the paper and given to the back when the interviewer takes the client to the floor to get their items. The volunteers in the back look at the paper and give them the number(certain number of items for a certain number of members in the household) of items that they requested. Volunteers that come recieve boxes of food to stack up and organize onto the shelves to make things easier for the volunteers that get all the items together. TEFAP
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