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Welcome to our presentation!

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Ramses Valdez

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to our presentation!

Welcome to our presentation!
What is the Elo system, and what is has to do with the presentation?
Well, Elo system is a system designed for ranking the skill of chess players and their capability of strategy
In the few last years...
Companies have been releasing new video games, every year more challenging, this went to a whole new level when video games started using the Elo System
You may think is dumb, how i'm getting payed for playing video games?

Yes, now its testing video game players
But, not all video game have this system, just a few, but, these video games have something special in all of them, they're real-time strategy games, just like chess
But, again, what does this has to do?
Companies that have this high strategy video games are paying and rewarding their players on tournaments, but how much? and, is it enough for a living?
Well, its pretty simple
But what if tell you that:
You can get your own money playing video games
We're going to talk about, video games as a future career
By Jared Lucero and Ramses Valdez
In some point of our lives, we have played a video game
The answer is yes, in fact, maybe too much
Some of these guys aren't even 20
See anything in common?
None of them are from Latin America
This is mainly because is not well seen play video games, and earning money from it seems impossible
In the other side, in Asia, people look at pro video game players with respect, as they put a lot of effort and time in to it
This is a PC cafe on China
Here in Mexico...
We have our video game team, in their last tournament, they won the tittle as best latin america, both south and north, team, earning $20'000 dlls. each (Team of 5)
Thanks to Youtube, streamers (people who narrates the games live) also own money, due to publicity and viewers, also earn money, internet is a whole new market now, and we still dont take advantage of it like other countries
Video games and internet had opened new windows to new oportunities for people who enjoys games and the internet, to the point that were making money out of it, it may sound hard and it is, it takes skill and effort.
But, nothing was accomplished without effort.
Thanks a lot, we hope you enjoyed!
This was made for our English Quest class and our Teacher Mr. Clint Russel, Colegio Americano de San Carlos :D
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