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States and National Parks

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lanie phan

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of States and National Parks

What is a National Park?
Facts/Information about Uluru
Uluru is Australia’s best-known landmark.
It was named by William Gosse in 1873 after Sir Henry Ayers.
Uluru was worshiped by the Aboriginal people.
Uluru is a dry rock which is in the Northern Territory.

How much does it cost to go to Uluru?
What kinds of animals live in Uluru?
In Uluru there are many Australian kinds of animals like Thorny devils,red kangaroos,bats,marsupial moles,pythons, rainbow bee eaters,bilby,black-necked storks,dingos and bush stone curlews.

A National Park is owned by the Government. National Parks are Large areas for native plants, animals and places where they live. They also protect places important to Aboriginal people.

Good Morning/Afternoon Miss Galea and 4 Blue, today we will be talking about Uluru.
When you go to Uluru for one day it will cost $220 to get in, but for 2 or 3 days it costs $345.

States and National Parks
How did Uluru get it's colour?

The Sun shines on Uluru making the colour change to red, but at night its real colour form is grey.

Depending on the time of day, temperature or weather, Uluru changes colour greatly from blue, violet to a glowing red.

What is Uluru?
Uluru is an enormous red rock which is in the middle of the Northern Territory desert.
How was Uluru formed?
Uluru was made by two Mala boys playing in the waterhole in the mud. They then started piling the mud until it was the size of ULuru as it is today. The two boys then climbed to the top of Uluru and slid down putting their fingers against the mud while they slide down. As they went down they left the area leaving Uluru to turn to a rock.
Here's a map of Uluru
Alice Springs is where Uluru is
A Dream time story about Uluru
Kuniya the sand python coming

Kuniya the sand python was moving across Uluru. She then left her eggs a short distance away and came across just over there.

Coming across, you can see her over there. Doing
her ritual dance as she comes closer. In what had happened to her nephew she wanted to challenge the Liru tribe, so she attacked them for what they have done to her nephew.


1.Always wear a helmet when you go hiking on Uluru.
2.Watch out for people that are riding their bikes in Uluru.
3.Watch out for wildlife animals.
4.Always look at signs if they are there, before walking.
5.Always follow the track so then you will not get lost.

The Sand Python

1:Always look around if there is danger
2:Do not mess with big or small creatures because you will not know if they are dangerous.
3.Look out for animals if they are going towards you or crossing the pathway.


How signs in Uluru look like.

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