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French Imperialism in Vietnam

Every question will be answered in this mind-blowing prezi

Vincent Dang

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of French Imperialism in Vietnam

By: Vincent Dang French Imperialism in Vietnam Reasons to Colonize Imperialism Effects of Imperialism Ho Chi Mihn Lasting Effects 1787 French Catholic Priest
Pigneau de Behaine started a
missionary mission in Vietnam in general Vietnam responds to French colonialism Communist is the solution Effects that last today Nguyen Ahn wanted to reclaim power
of the Nguyen dynasty by taking defeating
the Tay Son Dynasty... He was successful because of the
assistance of the French army.
This is meant to unify the North
and South regions of Vietnam. Nguyen Empire lasted until 1954 French were desperate to match the
Imperial adventures of the British
and other Imperials...
The French started to attack Vietnam first capturing Tourane in 1858 Saigon captured in 1859 1861 Vietnam Emporer Tu Duc surrendered
and signed a grant to have French control
three provinces It was by 1887 French started to control
Vietnam. There was always tension between the rival
European superpowers Britain France Spain Portugal Some ways they can flourish
in the economy were: Discovering new resources like gold and iron Keep searching for better marketing strategies they also want to dominate in the
military wars against each other. When it comes to the new world
Imperial competition increases Countries are always striving to stay one step ahead of the other or at least not behind in both the economic, social and political aspects there were some obvious changes in the cultural
of Vietnamese people Introduction of Quoc ngu
a romanized script written by French missionaries
which has proven to be more useful in
communication of Vietnamese people New railways were constructed and new buildings
were built although it was heavy taxation However the French colonists didn't do much except lived a life of self indulgence North Vietnam labour for coal and mine and zinc South Vietnam labored for rubber North Vietnam can't meet their basic needs French beside indulgence were boasting
that new land helped increase rice by 420% Vietnam felt that the French did nothing but strip of their natural resources Ho Chi Mihn brought together the resistance
to form the league for the Independence of
Vietnam (Vietmihn) 1945 wartime disruptions economy, Japan seizures
of rice and goods, disastrous weather, 1 million deaths August revolution Vietmihn took over most of Vietnam
September 2 1945 Ho Chi Mihn declared
independent However the Imperial Powers ignored Vietnam's call to independence By Postdam Conference Japan in the South
surrendered to the French those in the North surrendered to the Nationalist Chinese French came back to take the control away from Britain and Chinese troops entered in North Vietnam Ho Chi Mihn decided French were lesser of two evils and signed the treaty that French troops should replace Chinese troops for five years, return French promised Vietnam as a free state. But it was clear that French doesn't want
to give up their power and war broke out War in December 1946
French: conventional warfare
Vietnam: guerrilla warfare turning point in 1950 Communist China and USSR
assisted Vietmihn in weapons and other materials French became weary in May 1954 surrendered
at Dien Bien Phu Vietnam decided to be divided by the 17th parallel
and an election would be held in July 20 1956.
However no election was held so the division became permanent until the Vietnam war. little backlash against any mementos
of French Imperialism Cities, towns, streets, city buildings re-named statues and monuments removed no attempt to destroy obvious
symbols of colonialism pseudo-French public buildings,
chateaus and hill stations used for
mundane purposes, or left to rot by design or default, some still stand French architectural heritage
(some mementos used as tourist attractions) Bibliography
http://www.haivenu-vietnam.com/vietnam-history-colonialism.htm http://www.localhistories.org/viethist.html http://www.iiipublishing.com/politics/asian_war/vietnam/vietnam_2.html http://www.afgventuregroup.com/a_short_history_of_south_east_asia/history_vietnam.php http://afe.easia.columbia.edu/main_pop/kpct/kp_vietnamfrance.htm The End
Any Questions?
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