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No description

haley givens

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of SILENT TO THE BONE

The Title: Silent to the bone
Point of View
The point of view in "Silent to the Bone" is first-person because it is told directly from Connor Kane (Branwell's best friend) himself.
The setting of this story takes place in Clarion County and the Juvenile Behavioral Center.
By: Haley Givens
Silent to the bone
The Author: E. L. Konigsburg
The Genre: juvenile fiction
"Everyone lives around the university campus in Epiphany, Clarion County, New York — a fictional county in Greater New York."
About the book
Evidence: in the beginning of the book Connor Kane says " My name is Connor Kane and this is my story of how I broke Branwell Zamborska's silence".
Connor Kane is the protagonist because he was the one who helped Branwell Zamborska by making him break his silence.
Vivian Shawcurt is the antagonist becuase she was smoking while watching Niki ( Branwell's 6 month old baby sister) which affected her brain and caused her to slip into a coma. which then caused Branwell to go into shock because he saw his sister hurt.
Plot Line
Exposition - the 911 call in the beginning which states what Vivian says happened.
Rising Action - When Branwell Zamborska speak at all, he is "silent to the bone" then Branwell is entered into the Juvenile Behavioral Center.
Climax - When Connor Kane makes flash cards with key words on them that only Branwell would understand, and Connor finds a way to communicate to Branwell.
Falling Action - When Connor Kane finds a way to communicate with Branwell and Connor can figure out what actually happened on the day of the 911 call.
Resolution - Police officers, judges, Connor and Branwell's family find out that Branwell Zamborska was not guilty of harming his little sister Niki.
The theme of "Silent to the bone" is "Friends don't pay attention to whats being said on the outside , but what's screaming to be let out on the inside".
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