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Welcome to Web Coding

A first day presentation for our LHS Web Coding class.

Meredith Addy

on 26 January 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to Web Coding

Welcome to Fundamentals of Web Coding - M.Addy
Please name a project that we will be doing in this class.

Who needs to sign your syllabus?
By when?
Count off 1 to 5. Arrange by the same #
Find something that your group has in common
Pick an adjective, same letter as name
Tell M.Addy when you took ECS
Group Presents
syllabus & class website
Looking at the syllabus, who can name one thing that this course will help you learn?
Respect yourselves, others and the equipment
Come ready to learn
Complete assignments

why web coding
How did it start?
Why code?
What are your reasons for web coding?
What are supplies needed for this class?

What about your own laptop?
See you next class!
Adding only a single line,
transform this into a "6"
There are at least two ways to do this.
in a Google document named:
Please convey what you would like to get out of this course.
Please create a shareable link to this doc and use the submit form to turn it in.
or suggest another ice breaker we can do and get consensus
are we missing any from this list?
anyone have an additional challenge?
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