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Thomas Edison

The life of an inventor and businessman.

Dane Yuengel

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Thomas Edison

The Life of Thomas Edison: Inventor and Businessman Before learning of these select achievements regarding Thomas Edison, keep this in mind.
At a young age Thomas lost most of his hearing, yet with a smile was determined to pursue his ambitions of creativity. In fact, of Edison's 1,093 lifetime patents and copyrights, his first came at age 21 with the invention of the electric vote recorder! In 1877, Edison worked on a telephone transmitter. This greatly improved upon Alexander Graham Bell's work with the telephone. After numerous failed attempts, his most widely acclaimed invention had arrived. The first incandescent light bulb was publicly demonstrated in front of J.P. Morgan in 1879! His reputation with the public had sharply risen, yet Edison moved his laboratory research from Menlo Park to West Orange, New Jersey. In 1892, Edison merged his "Edison Electric Company" with Charles Coffin's "Thomas-Houston Company". This created what is still known today as the internationally competitive conglomerate,
General Electric. General Electric is the only remaining stock option that exists of the 12 original options which formed the DOW Jones! Thomas Edison's achievements as an inventor and businessman have been widely recognized. Edison has been compared to similiar figures of world-wide influence: Henry Ford, John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Bill Gates! Websites Referenced:


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