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Math review


on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of 9.1-9.3

Lesson 9.1-9.2-Square roots and simplifying square roots End of Year Test Review Goal: Be able to approximate, find, and approximate square roots Table talk:
A square has an area of 260 square inches. What is the length of one side? How are you finding your answer? Square roots Reviw first twenty square numbers
Approximating Square Roots
Example: Finding square roots with the calculator Evaluating Radical Expressions Solving an equation using squre roots. Simplifying Square Roots About 16 inches Simplifilying a radical expression Simplifiying a varible expression Practice pages
Check odds in the back of the book
pg. 455 # 15
pg. 460 #22, 23
pg. 811#1, 7, 9 Answer for number 22: 9.3: Pythagorean Theorem Goal: Be able to find unknown legnths of right triangles. Formula: Example and why the theorem works Practice:
pg. 467 # 3, 5, 7, 9
pg. 468 # 19, 21, 25 Example:
a= 8
b= x
c= 15 They are all plus or minus numbers Practice Pages:
pg 468 #s 15, 19
pg 811 #s 13, 15
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