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Plot Diagram: La Bamba

No description

Tim McNamara

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Plot Diagram: La Bamba

#1 Exposition

#2 Rising Action
#3 Climax
#4 Falling Action
#5 Resolution
Book: _________________
The background information on
the characters and the setting
The conflict develops through a series of events that lead to the climax.
The high point/turning point of the story where the conflict reaches its peak.
The events after the climax that lead to the resolution.
Tells what happens to the character(s) after the conflict is resolved
Manuel: REgular boy, middle child, average looking, forgetfull, sense of humor, nervous
Petra Lopez: Manuel's crush
Benny: Manuel's friend
Manuel's Family: Very Supportive

School, auditorium, cafeteria, home, fall, start of the school year.
Put a * next to the main
conflict that the main character(s) go through.
1) Manuel started to doubt himself when he said, "Why did I raise my hand?" to be in the talent show (page 19).

2)* Manuel got nervous when he saw Mr. Roybal's record player jam while they were practicing for the talent show. (2nd P on page 20)

3) When the karate kid (the act before Manuel) finished "the audience clapped and looked at each other in wide-eyed respect. (1st P on page 22). This made Manuel more nervous because following a good act is tough

How do the events after the climax affect the main character(s) and lead to the resolution?
1) Manuel kept repeating the words "para bailar la bamba" when the record got stuck (3rd P on page 23)

2) Manuel was embarrased because the record got stuck and he was "trying to hold back the tears" (top right of page 23)

3) Everyone else thought his act was "Funny. Crazy. Hilarious." (mid right of page 23), so he went along with it and said naturally, "It just happened" (bottom of 23)
The most gripping part of the story for the main character(s) is...

When Manuel is performing his lip-sinc at the talent show and the record gets stuck. He is upset because it did not go perfect like he hoped it would be.
The main conflict of the
story that the main character(s) encountered was solved in the end by...
Because Manuel went with the flow of the record getting stuck, his peers thought it was a comical performance. Because of this, people starting to pay attention to him and his family was proud. So he over came his fear of being embarrassed infront of everyone
La Bamba
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