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Shopper Marketing

No description

Alana Hale

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing Evolution Product Focus Customer Focus Shopper Focus Shopper v. Consumer “In-store advertising, promotion and design initiatives that align with and extend supplier equity-building objectives while simultaneously creating a source of differentiation for participating retailers through tailored executions that address specific shopper need states and activate purchase at the point of sale.”
Marketing Leadership Council
“Shopper Marketing is the discipline of understanding how consumer attitudes and behaviors change once they adopt a shopping mindset and then leveraging this intelligence to create retailer-centric executions that delight shoppers and benefit both your clients’ brand and their key retailers.”Hoyt Main Elements In store Brand Equity Retailer's Brand Shopping Mode Purchase “Shopper Marketing is the use of insights-driven marketing and merchandising initiatives to satisfy the needs of targeted shoppers, enhance the shopping experience, and improve business results and brand equity for retailers and manufacturers.” MatchPoint Consumer Uses the Product
Influences the purchase
Develops the desire for a product
Marketers’ focus on influencing attitude
Influenced by Advertising & Performance
Interaction is one dimensional
Research based on attitudes and usage Shopper Purchases the product
Makes the purchase
Makes a decision to buy a product
Marketers’ focus on influencing behavior
Influenced by In-Store Stimuli & Value
Interaction is multi-dimensional
Research based on shopping behavior and attitudes Process Insights Story Execution Insights Understanding that allows for us to predict or change behavior Observations Data Experiences "So What" filter Insights Who is the shopper? What is her present behavior? Why is she doing that? What do we want her to feel? Agencies Mars RPM Connect TracyLocke Saatchi & Saatchi X Match Point Examples Shopper Manufacturer Benefits Retailer Henkel uses shopper marketing to educate consumers on new products.

Purex Complete Crystals fabric softener uses shelf screens and website to educate at the final moment. 15% of aisle traffic stopped at the display (180% increase)
47% of those shoppers purchased General Mills product
Shoppers spent 17% more on General Mills products
Overall conversion increased 8%
Sales increased 26% overall for “healthy” cereals
The lowest of the five shelves in the display brought in 26% of transactions and 28% of sales.
Lowest volume shelves were the second and third (15% and 18% of transactions and 14% and 17% of sales)
Dwell time decreased – quicker decisions, overcoming the “baffle factor” Preferred method to receive product information
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