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fluffy bun

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Woodsong

By: Gary Paulsen Woodsong Exposition/Setting Alaska/Minnesota wilderness, past time. Gary Paulsen owns a team of sled dogs whom he runs and trains for the Iditarod. Characters The main character is the author, Gary Paulsen. The other characters are the dogs. Rising Action 1. The main character introduces himself to the reader and tells a bit about his life. Climax The climax of Woodsong is when Gary Paulsen starts the Iditarod. Falling Action 1. Gary Paulsen talks about the sledders and checkpoints he encounters.

2. He gets to Rainy Pass.

3. He takes his required twenty-four hour layover.

4. He finishes the Iditarod. Conclusion The conclusion of Woodsong is when Gary Paulsen finishes the Iditarod. External Conflict Man Vs Wild
Gary Vs Alaskan/Minnesota Wilderness Josh Keller
Kagan Kopp
Madison Skinner
Emily Ulbricht Madison S. :D :) (: :] :[) 2. Talks about dogs and tells us stories about his dogs.
3. He shares with the reader things about his wife and his home.
4. He trains for the IDITAROD.
5 He Starts the Iditarod and finishes IT! YOLO Josh Keller Kagan Kopp Kagan Kopp Internal Conflict The internal conflict of Woodsong is :
Man vs. Self
Gary vs. Ignorance Kagan Kopp Theme Internal Conflict:Resolution External Conflict:Resolution Video Pictures Pictures Pictures One person can plant the seed, but only you can make the flower bloom. Gary has poor judgement The dogs always have the best judgement Both think for themselves, not what the other wants them to think. Gary's instincts are always wrong. Cookie has good instincts that keep the team safe. Though they disagree, both want to go the way that is best for the team. Gary Dogs Gary started when he got a job. Both are passionate about what they do. The dogs run because they want to. Emily Ulbricht Emily Ulbricht Gary Finishes The Iditarod by facing the elements of Winter.
He has to face hallucinations, cold,and even wolves. During this, he meets a man in which he calls the Eskimo man, who helps him when he is in trouble. Gary is taught by his dogs, who teach him which direction to go and about life. Kagan Kopp (Another) Video Madison Skinner (More)Pictures
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