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Ethanol Production from Corn

No description

Mariah Prewie

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Ethanol Production from Corn

Ethanol Production from Corn How is ethanol produced and when will our vehicles use this as a common fuel source? C6H12O6 2CH3CH2OH+2CO2 Chemical Reaction Reactants:
Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen
Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen 6 Carbon atoms, 12 Hydrogen atoms and 6 Oxygen atoms are combining to make ethanol. I have discovered that ethanol is a combined form of alcohol that is reacted with Hydrogen in order to creat a balanced reaction. This product has been thoroughly studied and can be used as fuel or a form of alternate fuel for motor vehicles. This shows the process in which ethanol is produced. Corn can be used in an alternate fuel source. This is an example of a car that runs on ethanol. It's a Ferrari F430 Bio Fuel second.
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