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Dinosaur power point.

No description

shadonah baldwin

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Dinosaur power point.

A 3 period extinction The journey of dinosaurs All of Earths continents were merged together as one land mass. The new Mesozoic era The beginning this period lasted for about 55 million years. Jurassic period The Cretacous Period The Triassic Period Pangea was surrounded by nothing but ocean called Panthalassa No polar ice caps were formed The land was wet and dry This land was punctuated by harsh monsoons. Climate and geography The End! Life in the Triassic period The early Triassic was nearly empty of life but there were many amphibians It took about 7 million years for life to show signs of diversity The Triassic brought new life forms of dinosaurs Dinosaurs weren't as large during this period. 248 million yrs ago the Permo- Triassic extinction occurred Early mass extinction The Triassic period represented a time of transition or change The age of dinosaurs covers a period from about 235 million years ago to about 65 million years ago. During the late Triassic period, dinosaurs had thrived and then came to dominate the land in the early Jurassic. By Shadonah Baldwin eras are subdivided into periods Larger dinosaurs started to appear Heavy long necked dinosaurs evolved to walk on four legs Pangaea split into two parts (Laurasia, and Gondwana) Thick coats of vegetation The Triassic period Then Jurassic period The Cretaceous Period Plant life Gigantic Herbivores couldn't have evolved if they didn't have a reliable source of food There were ferns, club Moses, and horsetails Side Note Triassic Jurassic Both periods many animals had become extinct Both Smaller dinosaurs Larger Dinosaurs Dinosaurs walked
on 2 legs Dinosaurs walked on
4 legs Land was dry More rainy days They both gained diversity Mouse sized animals came out at night to stay clear of bigger dinosaurs small theropods dinosaurs began to evolve feathers as dinosaurs grew bigger on land, marine reptiles gradually obtained whale and shark sized proportions The break up pf Pangaean continent continued Classic suropods of the Jurassic period died out Last period of the mesozoic era ended about 65 million years ago The most famous extinction occurred ending this period The Tertiary extinction
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