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Information Worker Community Presentation for Intervate

No description

Barry-Lee Lodewyks

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Information Worker Community Presentation for Intervate

Approach (challenge no budget, no resources) get business involved.
Portal project team - everyone eager to make difference
Visual upgrade skinning (business sponsors)
New look refresh, didn’t reflect our culture
Collaboration focus blogs (leaders), lync and mysites
Name and menu names
Thought we could do it ourselves (stupid !!) and as our ideas evolved we realised we needed help and fast!Managed to scrounge some budget (from IT!) and luckily Intervate agreed to help us (ridiculous timeline)
April 2012 (4 weeks)
Before and after Upgrades, Integrations & Beyond Who we are Where we came
from SINERGY Integrations Beyond Gayle Barry-Lee Jonel
Freeman Lodewyks Kritzinger The Upgrade Experience Now Background

Intranet focus low usage (lunch, birthdays)
No centralised ownership or budget driven by technology/IT
Business adoption and demand growing (organically) Background The Upgrade experience

Technical (2001 - 2007 - 2010)
New server less risky (old server in use)
Some customised apps, webparts and workflows had to be rewritten.
URL name change internal and external access (secure site)
Relate Technologies partner
Testing and test server critical SINERGY Project Challenges
Budget, resources, time
Ownership (sustainability – project focus)
Keeping content dynamic and changing takes effort, focus and ownership – very NB, key to success
Business involvement\ true collaborative effort
Demand from business
Partnerships – Intervate, designer, business reps Where we are adding value now... Quarterly commentaries
Change control application
Client Report Bulk Emailer
Contract generation
Project Central
Research portal
Leadership Blogs
Legal document process mgmt
Cluster communication - campaigns
Business/department sites – document mgmt /collaboration Business training Budget: HR, Mkting & IT Global ownership = Marketing IT FOCUS = BI, dashboards, business solutions Rotate members of Portal team. Internal training: blogs, updating content, workflows, etc Monitoring Content Mgmt Targeted audiences Subsription Mgmt Reporting Social media integration Business Focus Mobility Mobile access
Mobile devices (iPad, Surfaces, BYOD)
Data on network (Dropbox alternative)
Apps (Citrix investigations) Dashboards Business Process Efficiencies Nintex Workflows
Nintex Forms Information Mgt - governance (POPI legislation) Collaboration Comms central
Social media integrations
Lync (tel/video) Central Access Point INDIVIDUAL SITES Traveling employees
Access to office desk IT Focus 2020 Before After
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