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Acid Rain

Ever experienced acid? It is surprising to hear that there IS such thing as acid rain!!!

anthie papanikolaou

on 13 September 2010

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Transcript of Acid Rain

Acid Rain Owch! How does it happen? What are the effects of acid rain? What is it? Acid rain happens.... when pollution acid enters the the rain in the atmosphere..... That harms the environment...... that causes havoc for everyone! All living organisms work together to survive. If a lower form is killed, other species that depended on it will also be affected. Every animal up to the food chain will be affected and this is all because of acid rain.... we wouldn't want all this to go away The whole of mankind depends on animals and plants for food. due to acid rain, the entire fish stocks in certain lakes have been wiped out and that's just to name a few... we wouldn't want that to happen!!!! NOW DO WE??? THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION!!! We all need to act now and save the world!!! What about plants??? The roots of plants are damaged by the acidic rainfall, causing the growth of the plant to be stunted and stops it from growing naturally........ To Illustrate....... If you drink coffe If you drink coffee or cocacola when you're still a child, the caffiene can 'stunt' your growth and make you a little shorter than average or maybe stop you from growing at all! IT makes you go CRAZY!!! But we want plants to... And save your umbrella! .
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