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Rates of Change

Introducing Rates of Change for year 11 Maths B. Constant Rates.

Andrew Lanning

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Rates of Change

Rates of Change A rate that describes how one quantity
changes in relation to another. Example: km/hr Can you think of any others? Let's investigate Taxi's! According to the ABC:
Flagfall is $3.20,
booking fee is $2.10
& then $1.98 / km (2009) Suffolk Public Schools, Year 8 Maths Vocab, Retrieved April 21, 2010, from: www.spsk12.net/departments/STAR/math/8/8M-vocabulary%20sort-0809.doc Fill in the table below for a cab
journey which was booked: Graph this data to determine if the relationship is linear. Determine the gradient. What is the rate of change? Express Cost (C) as a function of distance (d) The rate of change is the same number as the gradient, but... IT HAS UNITS Practice:
Ex 12A, Page 572
Q6 b, d, f
Q8, 10, 12 Dempster, Q (2010) Cab Monopoly, Stateline NSW. Retrieved April 21, 2010, from:
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